Is Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex The Most Powerful Detox Drink?

I’ve tested Ultra Eliminex, and I’ve also tested many other detox drinks. Ultra Eliminex reviews claim it’s the most powerful, modern detox formula out there, that can mask even the most ludicrous amounts of drug toxins.

Well, I was a bit dubious. So here you will read the full results of what I did to learn about Ultra Eliminex. I researched it’s you don’t have to, and I’ve tested it, so you don’t have to take a gamble with it. But what I’m going to advise is not quite as simple as just drinking the drink and going in taking a drug test.

So what you’re going to read here is all you need to know about Ultra Eliminex based on my own personal experience, learn how a detox drink works, get full Ultra Eliminex instructions with some top tips, and find out where to buy it at the best price.

What Is Ultra Eliminex

The company that makes Ultra Eliminex is called Herbal Clean. These guys actually don’t have a great track record at all.

Herbal clean are responsible for the QCarbo range of detox drinks. These are widely available, even being sold at Walmart. However, they don’t have a great track record and a lot of people fail drug tests using them.

Now not saying they are the worst; I’ve done a two-day detox and passed a home drug test with QCarbo32. However, the evidence from people I know and people online is that it’s basically tossing a coin.

On top of that, the company also sells a really poor range of detox pills. Quite a few different ones which all appear to have basically the same ingredients, and seem to be scamming people into parting with their money thinking that they will detox to pass a drug test when they are simply not powerful enough to achieve that.

So when Ultra Eliminex came along from the same company, claiming to be the most powerful detox drinks in the world today, that’s a huge claim that is being made by a lot of people, and I wanted to get to the bottom of the truth around those reviews.

Ultra Eliminex review

How A Detox Drink Really Works

The biggest misconception about detox drinks is that they truly detoxify your body permanently.

They do nothing of the sort, all the detox drink does is the following:

  1. First, the volume of liquid flushes out urine in your bladder that contains drug metabolites.
  2. This liquid also helps to push toxins approaching your kidneys through them, and clean out your kidneys as well. That gives you more time before fresh toxins work their way through your kidneys and into your urine, up to 5 hours but often less.
  3. A high-quality detox drink like Ultra Eliminex is also a special liquid that contains natural ingredients that help you to urinate more and help your body to process things faster, meaning more toxins are eliminated faster.
  4. The detox drink also contains a perfect balance of the things found in human urine. It contains enough that some are passed through your body as waste, thus appearing in your urine and making it appear natural.

That’s what great quality detox drink does; the problem is that most of them in my experience don’t do that at all. That’s why I’ve never even attempted to use 90% of the detox drinks out there to pass a drug test.

Is A Detox Drink The Best Option?

The bottom line is that a detox drink will help you to pass a drug test unless you are a really chronic drug user.

Even then, a powerful detox drink like Ultra Eliminex should have the potency alongside a short-term detox before the day of your test to mask the toxins.

What I’m saying here, is if you do a detox of 2-3 days before the day of your test, you’ll push out a ton of toxins, leaving less for the detox drink to deal with. That will give you a long time after you’ve finished drinking the detox drink before toxins appear back in your urine.

For some people though, synthetic urine is the best option because the detox drink simply will not mask the high levels of toxins for long enough. But unless you are smoking three or four joints a day, then Ultra Eliminex will work for you alongside a short detox.

Ultra Eliminex Instructions

Let me now talk you through the whole process of using Ultra Eliminex as a frequent drug user like I am (weed smoker).

  1. You’ll want to do a detox to minimize the number of toxins in your body on the day of your test. For this, the first step is to give up smoking or taking drugs until your drug test. Even if it’s only two days as a minimum, then do it, but it has to be at least two days and I’d always advise as long as possible. If you can’t do it, if you don’t get the notice, then Ultra Eliminex could be powerful enough on its own to mask the toxins but it’s obviously more of a risk.
  2. Do a natural detox for at least two days. That means drinking plenty of water, urinating, eating small and lean meals, sweating and exercising, and basically doing anything you can to speed up the elimination of toxins through speeding up your metabolism.
  3. Do a short course of detox pills. Toxin Rid is the pills I would recommend. They do short 1-3 day courses. Grab yourself one of those courses and do that over the time you’re doing a natural detox. That will speed up the elimination of toxins by at least 50%, leaving far less work for Ultra Eliminex do on the day of your test.
  4. On the day of your drug test, two hours before you leave, drink the contents of the Ultra Eliminex detox bottle smoothly over 30 minutes. There is no need to drink any additional water.
  5. During and after consumption of Ultra Eliminex, the next stage of the Ultra Eliminex instructions is to urinate as frequently as you can over the following hour, a total elimination time of 90 minutes.
  6. With about 30 minutes before you leave, now is the time to take a home drug test to make sure you’re clean. As long as you are clean, you can now go and submit your sample, and you’ll have up to 5 hours to do that, but I would aim to do within two hours of leaving your home ideally.

Mega clean detox

Does Ultra Eliminex Work?

I have actually passed a live drug test using a Mega Clean and Toxin Rid combo, three days of pills, natural detox, and then Mega Clean on the day of my test.

So for me, as a chronic weed smoker, a couple of joints a day, Ultra Eliminex should work to pass a home test.

I didn’t do the Toxin Rid though, I just did a 48-hour detox. I figured as Ultra Eliminex a stronger, I should still get away with it.

I did exactly what I’ve explained in the Ultra Eliminex instructions above, and I passed a home drug test two hours after I finished drinking it. So Ultra Eliminex definitely to me is a very potent detox drink.

I wouldn’t recommend that you avoid the two-day detox, and if you can afford Toxin Rid, then get the two-day pill course because that will certainly increase your chances of passing.

Ultra Eliminex therefore can work on its own, and it definitely works with Toxin Rid as Mega Clean did. It should also work with other pre-rid supplements, the ones aren’t as potent as Toxin Rid, but obviously, you are increasing your risk.

If you can’t afford Toxin Rid (around 60 dollars for the two days alongside the $80 for Ultra Eliminex), then try and do a longer natural detox. If you can do five days of natural detoxification, then use Ultra Eliminex on the day of your test, that should pretty well match up with a two-day detox using Toxin Rid, in terms of the number of toxins that can be pushed out of the body.

Where To Buy Ultra Eliminex

As far as I’m concerned, those Ultra Eliminex reviews are right. It’s a potent new formula that’s totally different to its predecessor Qcarbo, and also very different to Mega Clean and Rescue Cleanse in terms of formulation (the two detox drinks I’ve used to pass real drug tests).

When it comes to buying Ultra Eliminex, I would always recommend you buy it from an authorized reseller, and Test Negative are the guys I would advise you buy it from. They also sell great value home drug test kits as well.

Toxin Rid is available from Test Clear. Grab yourself a two-day course for 60 bucks, and they also sell drug test kits, and in fact, you get a free one bundled in with any course length of Toxin Rid.

So as long as you’ve got a week’s notice of your drug test, you can get the stuff in stock. If you’re not sure when a drug test is going to happen, then my advice is to buy yourself a two-day course of toxin rid, and a bottle of Ultra Eliminex so you are then fully prepared to stop taking drugs and get yourself detoxed as soon as you know you are potentially facing a drug test (if you’re going for a job interview then you will usually begin 24 hours after the interview to submit a sample).