Rescue Detox Review: Does Rescue Detox ICE Work?

Rescue Detox Review: Does Rescue Detox ICE Work?

In this Rescue Detox review I want to clear up some conclusion around this detox product.

But more than that, I want to tell you what the exact Rescue Detox ICE instructions are, and some top tips on trying to get this drink to clear out metabolites so you can pass a drug test.

I’ll also answer the big question around does Rescue Detox ICE work, based on testing this stuff with home drug test kits, as well as offer you some alternative detox drinks that you might want to consider using instead.

Is Rescue Detox ICE a Detox Drink?

The confusion around Rescue Detox is that there are two very similarly named products made by the same company:

  1. Rescue Detox ICE detox drink. This is a 32 fluid ounce bottle of liquid that acts as any other detox drink does.
  • Rescue Detox ICE caps. These are tablets that you take with water which have the same effect as a detox drink, but are not in liquid form.

Although the to work very similarly, for the avoidance of any confusion here, this is a review of the Rescue Detox ICE drink, the 32 oz bottle of detox liquid, not the caps, which I’ve never tried and have heard absolutely loads of horror stories about.

Also, Rescue Detox is often mistaken for Rescue Cleanse, a premium detox drink from a company called Clear Choice. In fact, I think rescue detox ICE was made to look like Rescue Cleanse to associate it with that trusted product. The bottles are the same shape, the same size, both have a big medical cross on them, and even a similar blue/red coloring. In fact, in some ways, I’m astonished Clear Choice haven’t sued them!

rescue detox vs rescue cleanse

But what we have here is a 32 fluid ounce detox drink, that’s made by company called Applied Sciences, and is sold under the product name of Rescue Detox ICE.

Rescue Detox ICE Instructions

I’ll tell you what the problem is in a moment, but here are the Rescue Detox ICE instructions you need:

1. Drink the contents of the bottle smoothly over about 15 minutes.

2. Half fill the bottle with water (16 fluid ounces), and drink that water smoothly over another 15 minutes.

3. As soon as you can after you have drunk the contents of the bottle, urinate. Try and urinate at least three times in the hour after you have finished consuming Rescue Detox ICE and the additional water.

4. This is a top tip for me, whichever detox drink you use, always do a home drug test kit just before you leave to make sure you are actually going to pass.

5. You’ll then hopefully have between 3-5 hours in which to submit a urine sample that is clean of drug metabolites. This time will vary though, depending on how many metabolites you have in your body, and the effectiveness of the detox drink.

The problem for all this with me, the suspicion, came from the fact you have to drink additional water. That’s not the case with any of the premium detox brands out there, and it’s a sign of attempting to flush out metabolites with plain water because the detox drink isn’t as complex and strong in formula.

Does Rescue Detox ICE Work?

So does rescue detox ICE work? That’s the big question here, and I had several suspicions about this product before I even tested it:

  1. The first concern was that I know two guys who have failed drug tests using Rescue Detox ICE. That’s in the past 2 years, but it’s obviously still relevant. One didn’t do any preparation, but the other detoxed for 48 hours.
  • My second concern is the fact you’re drinking additional water. Apart from the fact this could dilute your sample, although that’s only minor concern, it’s more about the fact that a powerful detox drink doesn’t usually need it.
  • My third concern is around that copyright infringement as far as I see it. They seem to be trying to piggybank Rescue Cleanse rather than creating their own brand, which for me is a red flag.

But let’s get to the testing. I did a 48-hour detox (I’m a chronic weed smoker). I followed the instructions exactly, and then one hour later I did a home drug test kit. It showed as positive for marijuana metabolites.

To make sure, I waited another 30 minutes, and did a second home drug test kit. It still showed up as positive. For me, the conclusion of this rescue detox review has to be that this detox drink simply does not work.

Detox Drinks That Really Do Work

Before I tell you about the premium detox drinks that really do work, I’ll give you my top tip for passing a drug test using a detox drink.

rescue cleanse better than ICE detox

That tip is to make sure you detox before the day of your test, if you have notice. At least 24 hours, but preferably 48 hours or longer if you can. The longer you detox, the more metabolites that will work their way out without being replaced.

You can speed this process up even more using a short course of detox pills like Toxin Rid. Even a 24-hour course will shift a load more toxins from your body then just detoxing alone.

ultra eliminex

When it comes to the premium detox drinks that work, that I’ve both tested at home and used in live drug tests over the past few years, Rescue Cleanse, Ultra Eliminex, and Mega Clean are the three brands I would recommend.

However, there is a caveat to that. I would only recommend Mega Clean if you can get it from with six free Toxin Rid pills bundled in (although this wouldn’t matter if you also buy a 1-2 day course of Toxin Rid to do the detox beforehand). A 24-hour detox with the six pre-rid pills alongside Mega Clean is as powerful as anything you can get, but if you buy it on its own from Walmart, then it can struggle if you have higher levels of toxins in your body.

Rescue Cleanse is excellent, but the most potent detox drink out there, far more potent Rescue Detox ICE, is Ultra Eliminex. It’s also the most expensive, costing around $80, compared to the $55 for Rescue Cleanse, and around $60 for Mega clean.