The Sarms Journey Privacy Policy

This privacy policy relates to the website SARMs journey and governs how we deal with data.

SARMs journey is a website built to discuss bodybuilding, supplements, SARMs, drug testing, and general health and fitness.

We do obtain some data, and this privacy policy outlines how we deal with your data, how we protect it, your rights over it, cookie policy, affiliate link policy, and how this privacy policy to change.

If you do not agree to this privacy policy, then you must not continue to access our website.

About This Privacy Policy

This privacy policy governs how we deal with data sent to the website SARMs journey by a visit to it.

  • It will discuss the type of data we collect, and how we store it and secure it
  • How we use data collected on the site
  • What we do to try and protect data
  • The rights you have over data you submit directly or indirectly
  • Our cookie policy
  • How we deal with external links & affiliate links

It’s important to say that this is a small personal website and the amount of data collected and used is very small, and not personally identifiable and less you make it so through a form you submit.

The Type Of Data That We Collect

When it comes to data collection, these are the types of data that we obtain through the methods described for each.

When you visit the website your IP address is collected. It’s collected via server logs, and via tracking and security plugins that we use.

The browser you are using will also be logged and collected. That way we know the IP address, and the type of browser that is being used (knowing whether people are visiting by desktop or other devices is important for optimizing a website for better experience.

We also collect data that you submit through a comment form or contact form. This is in the format of your comment or enquiry, email address, and name supplied.

How We Use Collected Data

Mostly, the data that is collected is used for analytical purposes. We use the data to look at how people visit the site, how they pass through it, and how they exit it. By using this data, we can better understand our best pages, and our worst. It helps us to optimize the site and provide better content.

We also use collected data to produce comments, and these are managed through an admin panel.

IP addresses also get used to help us spot spam and hackers, and to block those IP addresses from accessing the website. This is an important security function which keeps both us and our visitors safer.

Data is also used when submitted to us through contact form. That collected data is only kept for as long as we are dealing with the enquiry. It’s not stored on the server, it’s forwarded on to the email address of the site, and once we have dealt with, it’s deleted from our email account.

How Data Is Protected & Your Rights

It’s important to say that even the most expensive corporate websites cannot fully protect data or insulate themselves from hackers.

You are protected in that we do not store personally identifiable information. An IP address is not personally identifiable, unless it’s a static IP address relating to company or personal webservers.

We use industry-standard techniques to protect your data. Things like SSL to encrypt data, good passwords, keeping website software up to date, and sharing as little data as possible.

We also use standard security plugins and software to protect the website as much as possible. However, none of these measures can 100% guarantee us from intrusion, and you should not use this website if you are concerned about your IP address being discovered.

We try to adhere to all global data protection policies as much as possible, but are governed by the privacy policy laws of our own locality ultimately. If you have a question or complaint about the data submitted, please use the contact form to discuss it with us, this includes things like the EU GDPR laws, as well as other international privacy laws.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small data files which are placed on your website through your Internet browser when you visit a website. They can contain information that is needed if you visit a 3rd party website, or it could include session information for websites that require personally identifiable functions, for example membership websites.

We do not have membership, and we don’t use cookies for any intrusive tracking purposes

We do store cookies in your browser for the purposes of affiliate payments however. When you click on an affiliate link a cookie is generated which stores information about the fact that you’ve clicked our personal affiliate link.

If you visit the page linked to, or visit the website later within the lifespan of the cookie generated, a purchase will lead to us getting credited with some of the payment. That’s how we make money to keep this website running. Cookies can have varying lifespans depending on the affiliate we use, from as low as 30 days, through to lifetime cookies which will remain active unless deleted by user.

Affiliate & Third-Party Links

This website contains links to third-party websites. Those websites are out of our control and you should refer to their terms and conditions and privacy policies to determine how they deal with personal data. We cannot be held responsible for the content or policies of external website that we link to.

Some of the links on this website are affiliate links. If you click them and visit the webpage link to, or another page on that website, and then make a payment for service or product, we receive a small percentage of the sale. This is done through creating a cookie in your browser as previously described.

Changes To This Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is sometimes updated. This page will always show the most recent version of this privacy notice.

Changes to the privacy policy are made without warning to site visitors, and you should therefore visit this privacy policy page occasionally if you are a regular visitor to SARMs journey.