I started this site because I’m passionate about bodybuilding. However, things have changed dramatically over the two years since I started.

What’s happened is that I realized I had plateaued really quickly. I worked hard, but I wasn’t getting the gains I wanted. I started looking into natural bodybuilding supplements, and naturally occurring things that can boost energy, metabolism, muscle growth, and recovery times to see if they could help me.

So, I’m quite passionate about natural bodybuilding supplements, and I’ll talk to you about the ones you can buy, and the natural substances which are reputed to help build muscle, increase testosterone levels, things like that. I found that they worked for me, but only up to a certain level.

I’ve also got into using SARMs. Selective androgen receptor modulators. These things aren’t regulated, and they can be problematic if you don’t get your doses right, you stack them aggressively, or you simply by poor quality SARMs from a dodgy supplier.

But if you use them correctly, using high-quality SARMs, you can dramatically increase your muscle growth, recovery times, testosterone levels, and cut more fat than you ever could naturally while protecting previous gains. Compared to natural bodybuilding supplements they are like night and day, but they obviously come the higher risk profile.

So as you can tell, I’m passionate about bodybuilding, natural supplementation, and SARMs. So this site/blog will cover that in great detail. Because of the combo of hard work, regular bodybuilding workouts, great diet and exercise, including the cardio, and supplements, I built a great body in just over a year. I want to pass all that onto you, so you can do the same.

About me personally, I’m 34, single, and live pretty well. Middle-class they call it. But that doesn’t define me, and I’ve worked hard for what I’ve got.

I don’t put my full name online, because I’m a bit of a privacy freak. Let’s call me Simon. That will do, and it’s as real as anyone else out there online.

But this isn’t just about bodybuilding. Over the past couple of years I got interested in other things as well. So, my original goal for this site (bodybuilding and supplementation) has also now been expanded into other topics that I like to talk about.

One other area I’ve become really passionate about the past year or so is drug testing. I like to smoke a bit of weed, that’s just not a problem where I live because it’s legal, and it shouldn’t really be a problem for anyone as long as they manage amount they smoke, and that they don’t turn up for work high (or drive or anything like that).

But the thing is, even though cannabis is legal where I am, and even I’m responsible and have a joint in the evening but then don’t turn up for work high, I could still lose my job. To me that’s wrong.

I could face a situation where I haven’t smoked a joint for five days, but because I’ve got drug metabolites in my body, if I faced an on the spot drug test, I would test positive for marijuana use and potentially lose my job. That’s absolutely nuts, and if they won’t change the law and reign companies in, then we have to take whatever measures we need personally to protect ourselves.

For me, those measures to be taken against drug testing are basically getting around testing positive. So I’ve learned to use high-quality synthetic urine, detox drinks, and natural detoxification (accelerated by detox pills) to get around urine sample drug testing for employment purposes.

So I want to pass those skills, and that knowledge, on to you in this site content as well. So it’s not just my SARMs journey, I’m passing on my knowledge and skills in a drug testing journey as well.

I faced two employment drug tests in the past 18 months. One was for a new position, and the second was an on the spot test. Thankfully I’d researched and new that the company could do on the spot testing, and I had the countermeasures in place to test negative for an on the spot oral drug test.

As you can see, SARMs, bodybuilding, drug testing and not getting caught, all of those things are passionate interests of mine, and I want to pass them on to you here.

But mainly the topics I will cover will be around bodybuilding. Mostly around the fact that you have to maximize your effort to maximize your gains. Most guys just simply don’t get that. You must have a tough regime and stick to it to maximize your gains.

You can then stack SARMs and other bodybuilding supplements to not only increase your gains, but also to protect them while you cut fat. Those strategies, once mastered, can last a lifetime, which is why I want to make sure I pass on the knowledge I’ve gained, so you can learn, and then develop your own systems for maximizing your own gains as well.

I’ll close here, in this rambling about page I have to admit, by telling you that you’ll never maximize your gains if you don’t maximize your health. So, I will cover diet as well, and will cover exercising generally.

The reason for cover exercising is you can look great but be terribly unfit. I remember watching something on YouTube recently where some guys worked out in the gym for years to develop bodies that men would die for, and women would kill for, who were put through the basic fitness tests for the Marines. They couldn’t cope at all, even with the most basic stuff. That’s because they put all their effort into muscle growth, and not into cardio and general strength and fitness.

So, I’ll close here by urging you not to concentrate on one topic. Look at bodybuilding as a holistic thing, encompassing mind, body, spirit, focus, determination, development of you as a person, everything. Back it up with great quality supplements, and don’t get caught if you like to have a smoke at the weekend. That’s why do, and that’s what be talking to you about right here.