How To Use Cabergoline For The Bodybuilding Benefits Of Dopamine In Testosterone Boosts

How To Use Cabergoline For The Bodybuilding Benefits Of Dopamine In Testosterone Boosts

Cabergoline is not something that even many of the most experienced bodybuilders have had experience with. But if you start using it, you’ll wish you’d heard about it sooner. The truth is that using cabergoline for bodybuilding carries some significant benefits if used correctly.

So what I’m going to do here is talk you through everything you need to know about using cabergoline as part of your bodybuilding regime, alongside cycles of SARMs.

I’m going to tell you what cabergoline is, how it works, and how to use it on cycle to boost your SARMs effects.

More than that, I’m going to tell you how to use cabergoline off cycle (PCT – Post Cycle Therapy) as well, so that you can get its benefits all the time and experience energy boosts and muscle growth like never before, without the nasty testosterone drop.

What Exactly Is Cabergoline?

Cabergoline was primarily created to help with fertility issues, as well as problems with excess breastmilk, and menstrual irregularities.

It was also realized it can be used to help with Parkinson’s disease, a debilitating condition that eventually kills you. Cabergoline was found to stabilize it significantly, and it’s widely used around the world for this condition now.

But the one thing it was never designed for is bodybuilders. So what’s the deal here, why is it so good for helping you to work out harder, build more muscle, and less than that dreaded testosterone drop at the end of the SARMs cycle?

How Does Cabergoline Work?

Cabergoline works by inhibiting production of a hormone called prolactin from the pituitary gland. Lower levels of prolactin mean lower levels of estrogen.

So decrease prolactin leads to lower levels of estrogen, and at the same time in men helping testosterone levels to rise.

So cabergoline will not only lower estrogen at the end of the SARMs cycle, but it will also raise your testosterone levels.

Cabergoline is also a dopamine agonist. That’s the key reason why it’s used to help with Parkinson’s disease, as levels of dopamine are destroyed by this illness.

Dopamine is our risk and reward hormone, that is crucial for pushing performance levels and seeking rewards that are just out of reach.

The Key Effects & Benefits Of Building Cabergoline Into Your Bodybuilding Regime

So what we have is a chemical that lowers estrogen, raises testosterone, and also raises dopamine levels in the body.

Those three things are like gold dust for bodybuilders generally, but especially those who are using SARMs to give themselves a performance boost.

Even if you’re not using SARMs, you can benefit from using cabergoline on cycle. It will lift your testosterone, giving you more focus, clarity of mind, more energy, more aggression, and more determination. Post-session, your muscles will grow harder, and you’ll recover faster.

The dopamine boost will also help you to be more determined, to push yourself harder, and to feel more motivated.

If you’re using SARMs, it will help to suppress estrogen production, help to keep testosterone levels elevated, and keep your dopamine levels high, meaning that you won’t feel blue at the end of your cycle.

That’s just using cabergoline during a SARMs cycle, or even if you are only working out naturally.

But it can also be used as part of post cycle therapy. It suppresses estrogen production, elevates testosterone production, and the dopamine increase on top of that mean that you will start to recover and feel brilliant.

I’ll say that with one caveat though, it doesn’t reduce estrogen as aggressively as full PCT supplements like Nolvadex and Clomid. If it’s a very suppressive SARMs cycle, you’ll want to stack cabergoline with Nolvadex or Clomid for maximum post cycle benefits.

Let’s put all those key cabergoline bodybuilding benefits together for you:

  • Cabergoline improves testosterone production
  • It also increases dopamine production
  • Cabergoline helps to suppress estrogen production
  • Cabergoline can help to stop gyno symptoms in a minor way
  • You’ll feel far more motivated than naturally
  • You will power through your workouts and want to push yourself harder
  • Your recovery times will be faster
  • Your muscle gains will be better than natural

Bromocriptine Vs Cabergoline

Another very similar chemical is bromocriptine. It also suppresses estrogen, raises testosterone levels, and spikes dopamine. So in terms of out works, it’s almost identical to cabergoline.

However, when it comes to a direct comparison of bromocriptine Vs cabergoline, then for me cabergoline comes out top for one significant reason.

That significant reason is it has a far lower risk of serious side effects.

I’ll talk about the side effects of cabergoline later, but compared to those of bromocriptine they are minor.

It can significantly raise, and in some cases significantly lower, your blood pressure. This could have very serious effects for people who have blood pressure problems.

Bromocriptine at high dose over a long period of time as also been known to cause acute kidney damage.

In addition to all that, it’s been linked to hallucinations and mania at high doses as well. All that, alongside dizziness, fits, nausea, and vomiting.

I’m pretty sure after reading that, that just like me, you will conclude that bromocriptine is not something you want to be using, let alone at the same time as SARMs and PCT supplements like Nolvadex and Clomid.

How To Dose Cabergoline On Cycle And Post Cycle

Let’s talk quickly now about how you can dose cabergoline both on cycle, and part of post cycle therapy.

I say upfront here that I don’t recommend using cabergoline as your total PCT supplement solution.

Cabergoline just doesn’t suppress estrogen production enough, when compared to Nolvadex. But stacked with a low dose of it, and it’s a brilliant solution because of the fact it also keeps your dopamine levels high, allowing you to feel good and motivated, while spiking testosterone as well.

As part of post cycle therapy, I’d recommend you use 50 mcg of cabergoline stacked with Nolvadex. If you are using highly suppressive SARMs, then I’d stack it with Clomid instead.

On cycle, unless you’re using really aggressive SARMs, then I would use 25 mcg as the on cycle dose. This will give you a decent dopamine spike, lower estrogen production, and raise your testosterone levels enough to make a difference.

In terms of when to dose cabergoline for bodybuilding purposes, I would suggest you do it every three days. That’s because the half-life of cabergoline is estimated to be 3 – 4 days. So basically, twice weekly on cycle or post cycle.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Cabergoline To Watch Out For?

Now I’ve sung the praises of cabergoline and told you how great it is for bodybuilding, especially if you are stacking it with SARMs, let’s tell you about cabergoline side effects to watch out for.

As I said earlier, they aren’t frequent, and I certainly haven’t experienced any apart from a bit of an upset stomach when using it.

But here’s the list of side effects you could potentially suffer from:

  • Visual distortions (but usually only occurring at doses far higher than 50 mcg)
  • Dizziness and nausea
  • Fatigue symptoms
  • Aggressive behavior (due to elevated testosterone and dopamine, especially alongside SARMs)
  • Potential to cause an increase in impulsive behavior (especially if already occurring)

As you can see, a lot of the symptoms are around the spikes in testosterone and dopamine. This can make some guys feel aggressive, over energized, and to take risks far beyond what they normally do.

If you’re already a bit like that, say you gamble a bit too much, get into fights, push yourself too hard, get into arguments easily, drive your car too fast, then be very careful taking cabergoline at higher doses, especially if you are stacking it with SARMs.

Where To Find Cabergoline For Sale

So I want to finish this cabergoline review by telling you where to buy cabergoline at the best price.

Let me tell you, finding cabergoline for sale that is real, safe, and good value for money is actually easier said than done.

I get mine from Swiss Chems. They also do high quality SARMs, and they sell the PCT supplements Nolvadex and Clomid as well. So you can get everything you need from a single supplier.

100 tablets, each dosed at 50 mcg cost $150. That’s $1.50 per tablet, and more when you add on the shipping. However, let’s take a look at that seemingly high price.

If you only dosing it twice per week, then an average eight week SARMs cycle will see you taking just eight tablets, cutting them in half to get a 25 mcg dose.

If you then take a whole tablet every three days post cycle, for another six weeks, then you are looking at only another 12 tablets, a total of just 20 a full SARMs cycle and recovery. Put that together, and 100 tablets could last you as many as five cycles of SARMs.

Cabergoline is low risk and high reward. Give it a try. Just make sure that you keep your doses low as possible, and be careful what SARMs you stack it with. If they are aggressively anabolic SARMs then you may not want to stack all that dopamine and testosterone on top.