How To Pass A Saliva Drug Test: All The Info You Need

How To Pass A Saliva Drug Test: All The Info You Need

Learning how to pass a saliva drug test is a regular drug user is getting more and more important, because saliva drug testing is getting more common.

It’s getting more common for several key reasons:

  • It’s easy to administer the test on the spot
  • The person administering test doesn’t need any specialist medical training
  • It’s perfect for random drug testing
  • The results of a saliva drug test can be determined in a few minutes
  • Saliva drug testing is cheaper than other forms of drug testing
  • On the surface people think it’s harder to cheat a saliva drug test

But thankfully that’s not the whole story. Passing an oral drug test is actually pretty simple, as long as you’ve got just a few minutes notice, or some evasion strategies, or the products in your pocket which can beat one.

How Dangerous Is A Saliva (Mouth Swab) Drug Test?

For the key reasons I’ve talked about above, saliva drug tests can be dangerous. If you’re not prepared, somebody can literally walk up to you and say they are going to administer a drug test on the spot.

If you have taken drugs in the past few days, then you could be in real danger from having an oral drug test completed.

In addition, roadside oral drug testing is getting more common. This is especially the case in the UK and Australia, with many other countries starting to draft laws to follow suit. It’s a little-known fact that some counties in the USA also do roadside mouth swab drug testing through local law enforcement.

So even if you had a single joint two days ago, you could get caught out on the side of the road and lose your license, your car, and potentially even a lot more than that. That’s why it’s essential that you learn the countermeasures you can employ to successfully pass swab drug tests.

How Far Back Does A Mouth Swab Drug Test Go?

The crucial question, to understand what countermeasures you can take, is to know how far back does a mouth swab drug test go.

These are average drug detection times in saliva:

  • Marijuana up to 24 hours
  • Cocaine up to 48 hours
  • Opiates up to 72 hours
  • Amphetamines up to 72 hours
  • Methamphetamine up to 72 hours
  • Benzodiazepines up to 72 hours

So the truth is that as long as it’s been 24 hours or longer since you last took drugs, and you are a moderate user, then you would be extremely unlikely to be caught out. Yes, in rare instances you could be caught out for up to 72 hours, but that’s not common and mostly after 24 hours a light drug user will not have metabolites in their saliva.

However, when things get dangerous is if you are a regular user. In that situation, say you are a daily user or smoker, then metabolites are always working their way out of your saliva.

Cannabis is especially dangerous because in rare instances it could be detected for a week or longer after you’ve last smoked a joint. This is uncommon, but scientifically proven.

Easy Ways To Clean Your Mouth To Pass A Swab Drug Test

If you are one of those moderate users, and you know you are facing a saliva drug test the next day, then you can help to speed up the elimination of toxins/metabolites from your saliva using a few simple measures:

  1. Eat a fatty meal a couple of hours before your drug test, and eat fatty foods and the day leading up to it, if you are trying to avoid being detected for cannabis use. Cannabis metabolites bind to bile which is created by fibrous and fatty foods, which is then drawn out through the bowels more quickly.
  • Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated, keeping your saliva moving, and urinating frequently helps to speed up and shorten the time during which saliva will contain metabolites.
  • Brush your teeth regularly, every couple of hours, and use a strong mouthwash as well.
  • Peroxides mouthwash, chewing ice, and altoid mints are all home remedy solutions which are rumored to help remove metabolites more quickly. Basically though, anything which keeps fresh saliva appearing in your mouth so you can swallow it will help with the churn needed to stop metabolites from appearing.

How To Make Detection Less Likely During An Oral Drug Test

If you know what’s coming, it’s actually possible to minimize the chances of somebody taking a successful swab from your mouth.

This can be done by minimizing the chances of them taking the sample from the areas of the mouth where drug metabolites are most likely to have gathered, basically around the inside gumline, and under the tongue, the areas of the mouth that are low and grooved are where they could gather.

These are the countermeasures you can take on the spot to try and stop a proper swab sample being taken

  1. As the swab is moved into your mouth try and move your head gently to avoid them taking a swab deep in the mouth.
  2. As the swab is moved into your mouth try and move your head gently to avoid them taking a swab deep in the mouth.
  3. As the swab is moved into your mouth try and move your head gently to avoid them taking a swab deep in the mouth.

How To Use Specialist Mouthwash Products

If you’re pretty certain that you going to get caught out, then you can buy specialist saliva neutralizing mouthwash products.

If you’ve got a few minutes out of sight, then they are great way to pass swab drug tests.

Toxin rid rescue wash, and ultra Klean Ultra wash are the two best products I would recommend.

You simply put half of the contents of the small and discreet bottle into your mouth, swill it around and then spit out. Repeat the process with the other half of the bottle, and then dispose of the bottle. Your saliva will then be neutralized for around 15 minutes.

The downside to these products is that you need to be out of sight. The problem with that is it’s unlikely to happen in most scenarios where you could face a mouth swab drug test, particularly on the spot drug testing at work, or a roadside mouth swab drug test.

Oral Clear Is The Best Way Of Passing An Oral Drug Test

So I want to conclude this quick guide on how to best pass a saliva drug test, by telling you about what I think is the best way of passing an oral drug test period.

It’s called oral clear saliva neutralizing gun. The name is misleading because it’s not a gum at all. It’s a capsule of saliva neutralizing liquid, like a large headache pill capsule.

Because it’s so discreet and in capsule form, you can carry it on you all times. You simply pop the capsule in your mouth, split it open by crunching it between your teeth, and then swell the liquid around in your mouth thoroughly for about 30 seconds. You can then swallow the liquid and the capsule easily.

oral clear gum passes a drug test

Imagine you’re by the roadside and the cops are walking towards you. Discreetly pop the Oral Clear capsule into your mouth, and swirl it around to neutralize your saliva. Even if they see you, what are they going to say? The truth is, most cops aren’t going to have a clue about saliva neutralizing mouthwash products, and neither will somebody doing on-the-job testing.

It’s the same with on-the-job testing. If you got the Oral Clear in your pocket, as soon as you know what’s going on, just discreetly put the capsule in the palm of your hand, cough, and put your hand over your mouth. Then cough again, and split the capsule and swirl it around.

Even if they see you chewing and swallowing, you can just say it’s normal chewing gum and you’ve swallowed it so they can do the test. What are they going to do, sack you?

The only downside to Oral Clear is the price. Ultra Klean Ultra Wash only costs about $30, whereas a single capsule of Oral Clear costs $90.

But in terms of the convenience, the discreetness, and its ability to totally neutralize your saliva for about 15 minutes, then when it comes to passing an oral drug test, Oral Clear gum is definitely the number one purchasable strategy.

So I hope this saliva drug test guide been helpful to you guys. As long as you know how long it is since you last taken drugs, and what sort, you’ll know your risk profile. As long as you’ve got mouthwash and possibly Oral Clear in stock at work and home, or in your car if you’re somewhere were roadside drug testing is done, then you simply cannot ever be caught out again.

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