How To Use Detox Drinks For Drug Tests

How To Use Detox Drinks For Drug Tests

If you’re facing a drug test then a high-quality detox drink is one of the easiest ways of passing. But how to use detox drinks for drug test success is something that is less well understood than the ease-of-use.

A lot of people think you literally just pour it down your throat and all the drug toxins exit your body leaving you permanently clean. That couldn’t be further from the truth, and that lack of thought and strategy will see you still fail a drug test.

Detox drinks can be effective, but they do have a significant failure rate if you don’t know what you’re doing with them. So what we’re going to do here is talk you through how to use detox drinks for masking THC and other drug toxins, as well as talking you through what the best detox drinks are, and why.

Your Options When Facing A Urine Sample Drug Test

When it comes to passing a urine drug test, you basically have three ways of achieving this:

  1. You can use a fake sample. This involves buying high-quality synthetic urine and submitting that instead of your own. However, it’s only suitable for unsupervised drug tests when nobody will be in the room with you, or you’re behind a screen out of sight. The good news though is that supervised drug testing is very rare, and if you are facing a drug test for employment or insurance purposes it’s almost always unsupervised. However, it also takes a bit of courage to smuggle a fake sample in (even though you will be searched), which puts some people off.
  2. The absolute best way you can pass a drug test is to do a natural detox. That way you are genuinely clean to pass any type of drug test. This involves abstaining from drugs for long enough for the metabolites to work their way out of your body. This can be a matter of days, but for heavy users, especially cannabis smokers, it can take several weeks. You can speed up the removal of toxins from your body by using good quality detox pills, but again, although this can speed up the elimination of toxins by up to 50%, you could still be taking a week or more to get clean.
  3. That leaves you with option three, using a detox drink. However, detox drinks can have a high failure rate unless you know what you’re doing, and unless you buy the right one. Also, there is a misconception around detox drinks which catches people out.

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How Do The Best Drug Detox Drinks Work?

The misconception around detox drinks is that they detox the body. That’s not actually true at all.

Some people got caught out because they have not really looked to the instructions, drunk the detox drink, and then wandered off to submit the sample the next day, or a couple of days later, because they think the toxins have been removed from the body by some magical force.

This is actually what a detox drink does in the body:

  1. A detox drink floods your body with the volume of liquid that flushes through your body and pushes existing urine out, the old urine that will contain drug toxins.
  2. The detox drink contains natural ingredients that help to speed up the elimination of toxins. So it will push out far more toxins than just water would, and at a faster rate. That means fewer toxins in your body, and specifically fewer toxins close to passing into your urine stream.
  3. The best detox drinks also contain a high quantity of vitamins, minerals, and other chemicals found in human urine. They also contain creatine, which is processed into a waste product called creatinine which is always found in urine. Because the detox drink is constructed to flood the body in the right quantities, some of what’s in it pass through as waste and appear in your urine in the correct quantities to appear natural.

So as you can see, a detox drink removes toxins temporarily and keeps your urine appearing naturally balanced.

However, what’s vital to understand is that this effect only lasts for as long as it takes your body to process toxins behind the detox drink. At some point, they will get through your kidneys and pass into your urine.

Usually, you’ll get about five hours before fresh toxins appear in your bladder. However, if you’re a chronic user, or you’ve got a faster metabolism, this time can be far lower, sometimes as little as two hours to get to the lab and submit your sample.

Instructions & Tips For Making Detox Drinks Effective

Here are a few top tips for making detox drinks more effective:

  1. Only use high-quality detox drinks that have a track record in being potent enough to mask the toxins for several hours and maintain the balance in your urine (this is the bit that often isn’t achieved by poor quality detox drinks).
  2. The process for taking a detox drink is that you drink it, and then urinate several times to remove the existing toxins and urine. But make sure after this that you use a home drug test kit, so that you know if you are actually clean to go and submit a sample.
  3. Make sure you do at least a 48-hour detox. Some detox drinks recommend 48 hours, some 72 hours, and some will claim that for heavy exposure you should detox for at least 10 days. For me that’s ridiculous and a get-out clause in case you ask for your money back! If you can abstain from drugs for at least 48 hours, drink plenty of water, and maybe use a short course of detox pills (Toxin Rid recommended), then there will be far fewer toxins in your body on the day of your test to deal with.

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Avoid Detox Drinks That Don’t Work

At the end of this guide to using detox drinks for drug tests, I’m going to tell you about the top four detox drinks out there based on online feedback, me and my friends using them, and me home testing them with drug test kits to see how long they work for.

But there are some brands that you simply should avoid.

Magnum detox instant flush, Jazz total detox, The Stuff detox, and any smaller sizes of detox drink including Xxtra Clean which is a smaller version of Mega clean.

The reason I’m telling you to avoid smaller versions is that they are designed for light toxin exposure or smaller bodies. But to be safe you should always go for the full 32 to fluid ounce size of the detox drinks I’m going to recommend.

Home Remedy” Homemade Detox Drinks Do Not Work

Another thing to avoid is home remedy detox drinks. People will tell you that cranberry juice, lemon juice, vinegar, baking soda powder in water, various types of tea, all sorts of crazy stuff, can help to remove drug toxins from your body.

Almost universally these methods work on the theory that you are simply flushing the toxins out with the volume of liquid. Often backed up by theories around acidity and the liquid being diuretic.

The bottom line is that none of these have the complexity in construction to flush out the toxins and maintain the balance in your urine so that it appears natural.

Top 4 Detox Drinks For THC

detox drinks for THC

Okay, I now want to talk to you about the top four detox drinks out there.

Although I have put them in a numerical order here, numbers one through three all do pretty much the same thing, although I’ll explain the subtle differences between them in the detox drink reviews below.

Do detox drinks work? Undoubtedly they do, and I’ve tried all four of these with home drug test kits and they have mask toxins for several hours. However, you have to do the detox before the day of your test, otherwise, you’re playing Russian roulette.

I did actually pass a live drug test as well using Mega Clean three years ago. It’s not the most potent detox drink out there, but it’s the only one I had, but I did do a 48 hour detox with it and I’ll explain how to make it more potent in the review.

#1 Ultra Eliminex

Top of any detox drink list nowadays has to be Ultra Eliminex.

It’s actually made by herbal clean, the same people who make QCarbo, which has a very poor track record nowadays. But it has a completely different formula and a different proprietary blend that pushes toxins out of the body.

I actually tested this without a detox at all prior to doing the test. I’m a heavy regular smoker, and I passed a drug test at home two hours after drinking it.

You don’t need any additional liquid, you just drink the contents of the bottle over about 15 minutes, then urinate several times over the next hour and you should have up to 5 hours clean.

So for me, it’s one of the best detox drinks for THC, and in fact for any type of drug toxins. But it is expensive, costing up to $80.

#2 Mega Clean

Second, on the list of best detox drinks for THC and other drugs is Mega Clean. It’s actually available both online and at big stores like Walmart. That’s why it’s well known.

However, it’s not actually the strongest detox around at all. On its own, it’s not much better than QCarbo32.

I certainly would not recommend Mega Clean if you only buy it on its own. However, I’m going to tell you about a combo deal that changes all that.

If you buy Mega Clean from Test Clear, you get it bundled up with six powerful Toxin Rid pills. So you can do a 48-hour detox, and in the last 24 hours use the Toxin Rid pills to push out even more toxins. That alongside Mega Clean is a potent mix.

Instructions for Mega Clean are pretty straightforward, you drink the contents of the bottle, refill it, and drink the water. You then urinate frequently over the next hour and you should have up to 5 hours clean.

The combo deal costs around $70. On its own, it’s not the greatest, but buying that combo deal puts it in a class of its own.

#3 Rescue Cleanse

Third, on my list of the best detox drinks to use it for a drug test is Rescue Cleanse.

This is been around for quite a few years but it’s still a great formula. It’s made by Clear Choice, the company that makes Sub Solution which is my “go-to” brand of fake urine.

There’s no need for additional water with Rescue Cleanse, you just drink the contents of the bottle over about 15 minutes and then urinate as frequently As you can in the hour after that. You should then have up to 5 hours clean.

For me, I got three hours clean with Rescue Cleanse doing a home drug test kit. But that pity damn good as a daily weed smoker.

Rescue Cleanse is well priced at $55, and if you buy direct from Test Clear you can also get your hands on a box of Sub Solution which gives you an alternative strategy for passing a drug test.

#4 QCarbo32

Last on my list of the best detox drinks to use for THC or other types of drug metabolites is Qcarbo32. It’s an old formula detox drink that really well known. The reason for that is that it’s available to buy in Walmart and online at various major retailers.

However, although it’s got a large reputation through the volume of sales, it hasn’t got a good reputation nowadays actually passing a drug test.

It’s just not potent enough or balanced enough to fool the drug labs the whole time, or to flush out all the toxins sometimes if you have heavy toxin exposure.

If you have only lighter levels of toxins in your body, or there’s literally nothing else available, then Qcarbo32 could be okay for you. But if any of the three other choices are available I would always go for those first.

QCarbo32 costs around $50 to buy, which makes it far more effective to invest that level of money in the other three brands I’ve talked about.