I Tested Quick Luck Synthetic Urine On A Real Drug Test

In this guide to Quick Luck synthetic urine, you going to learn exactly why it’s so good in just five minutes.

First, there was Quick Fix, it was really popular, but nowadays it’s considered basic. Then the number one selling brand was Sub Solution, and it still is. But recently, we’ve now got new fake urine called Quick Luck. The most advanced formula backed up by the flexibility of the unique heat activator powder included with Sub Solution and Quick Luck.

So I’m going to do is explain exactly why Quick Luck is so complex, how to use it, how it compares to Sub Solution, and also how you can use another product from clear choice alongside it to maximize your chances of passing a drug test.

Clear Choice Urine Explained

Clear choice makes two synthetic urine products: Sub Solution and Quick Luck. Sub Solution’s been around for a number of years and was a complete game changer compared to more simplistic fake urine products like Quick Fix.

Far more complex, and it uses heat activator powder rather than a heatpad.

It is the new product from Clear Choice urine. It’s more complex than Sub Solution, and it’s premixed. Sub Solution is a powder that you have to mix with filtered water, whereas Quick Luck is ready to go.

You just add in the heat activator powder and you have a viable sample in as little as two minutes. That makes Quick Luck perfect for on the spot drug testing in a way that simply can’t be achieved using Sub Solution.

How Complex Is Quick Luck?

Let’s take a look first at Quick Fix. A basic brand of fake urine it’s been really popular for a number of years, and I used myself to pass a pre-employment drug test a few years ago.

It contains urea, uric acid, creatinine. It’s balanced for pH and specific gravity, and it “sort of” looks like human urine.

Now compare that to the complexity of Quick Luck:

  • Quick Luck contains urea, uric acid, and creatinine
  • Quick Luck contains a total of 15 chemical markers found in human urine
  • Quick Luck is perfectly balanced for both pH and specific gravity
  • Quick Luck looks, froths, and even smells like human urine
  • Quick Luck doesn’t rely on a heatpad to keep the temperature right
  • Quick Luck does not contain biocide

Put all that together, and Quick Luck is like comparing a Ferrari to a Skoda in terms of its performance.

I’ll just mention the biocide thing. Neither Quick Luck or Sub Solution contains biocide. It’s a chemical found in many brands of cheap fake urine, and it’s rumored that in 2018 the big testing labs realized this and started testing for the presence of biocide and thus being able to rule out most fake samples easily.

What You Get In The Urine Kit

When you buy your Quick Luck synthetic urine you could be a little underwhelmed by what you receive.

All you get in the Quick Luck box is a container with 3 fluid ounces of premixed urine, a vial of heat activator powder, and a pair of high-quality air-activated heat pads that you probably won’t use.

What you have to remember is that you are paying for the complexity of the formula and how it mimics human urine physically, alongside complete control heat activator powder gives you over the temperature of the sample in comparison to a far more ineffective heatpad.

how to use quick luck synthetic urine

How To Use It Like A Pro

In terms of how to use Quick Luck, it’s really straightforward. I’m not going to tell you how to use the heatpads because to be honest, they are pretty irrelevant when you have the power of the heat activator powder.

  1. Because Quick Luck is premixed to just go straight to the place you’re going to submit your sample at.
  2. Before you go in, tap in about one-third of the heat activator powder. Watch the temperature strip on the site of the bottle, and see if it registers at between 90°F and 100°F. If not, tap in a small amount more and agitate that. You’re looking for a reading on the temperature strip as close to 100°F as possible, but not going above it.
  3. Tuck the warmed sample inside your underpants. This keeps the sample warm, and also it’s virtually impossible to spot the sample there. You will not get searched, and it’s an unsupervised drug test.
  4. Because it’s unsupervised when you’re in the room on your own submitting your sample (though occasionally you can be behind a screen) check the temperature to make sure it hasn’t cooled. If you’ve been unfortunate enough for that to happen, simply tap in a little bit more heat activator powder. As you can see, the heat activator powder gives you complete control over the sample temperature right up until the moment you submit it.

Quick Luck Vs Sub Solution

I bought a box of Quick Luck for the purposes of reviewing it here. For me though, I’ll probably stick with Sub Solution because I passed a drug test with it and I’ve got a box to use next time anyway.

I’ll probably use Quick Luck after that, but it won’t be because Sub Solution isn’t good enough. Sub Solution is complex enough to pass any level of scrutiny in normal drug testing. The benefits Quick Luck gives you above Sub Solution though rare in the fact it’s premixed rather than the fact it’s slightly more complex.

Once you mix Sub Solution you only have up to 24 hours to submit it before the sample spoils. But Quick Luck is premixed and lasts up to a year.

So you could keep it in your locker at work if you’ve got on the spot drug testing there. If they say you’ve got to go and submit your sample. Go to your locker, tap in some heat activator powder, and you got a viable sample in about two minutes.

Quick Luck is the ultimate in complexity and convenience that will pass any level of standard drug testing scrutiny.

Where To Buy Clear Choice Urine Products

Quick Luck is best bought from the Clear Choice webstore. It costs $100 in comparison to the $80 you will pay for Sub Solution.

You can increase your chances of the day by also buying something called the practice kit.

When you buy Sub Solution or Quick Luck you can get the practice kit at a discount price. It contains heat activator powder and the mixing container.

That allows you to practice in advance of the heat activator powder, as you will learn how much to use, and how quickly the sample will heat up to the right temperature, and how long you can keep it within the temperature range.

Buying Quick Luck and the practice kit is the ultimate insurance policy because it marries together complexity, the power of the heat activator powder, and knowing in advance exactly how everything is going to behave on the day of your test.