Supplements can really help you to increase the results from bodybuilding, as well as improving your mood and performance levels.

In this category of articles, I’m going to cover two main groups of supplements. Firstly, natural bodybuilding supplements, and secondly, SARMs.

Natural bodybuilding supplements contain safe ingredients which stack together (either by you individually or bought ready mixed into convenient pill courses) to create potent bodybuilding supplements for strength gains, cutting fat, building muscle, and raising energy levels.

Most of the natural bodybuilding supplements out there aren’t very good quality, but after testing over a few years, I have found a couple of companies that really do succeed as what I would call close to legal steroid alternatives.

More than that, some of the supplements out there which raise testosterone levels really do work as well, and having tested them and then had my free testosterone levels analyzed, I can confidently state that they do work as far as I’m concerned.

Even if the only natural supplements you take are to raise testosterone levels, that can have huge benefits for muscle growth and development. Testosterone builds harder muscle that’s larger. It’s firmer, and it grows and recovers more quickly. You’ll also get a dramatic increase in strength and endurance, and more determination.

Stacked with other supplements which can enhance all of these areas, can really help you to take your bodybuilding to the next level without going near any substance that can have any potentially damaging side effects.

In this category of high-quality content, I also want to do reviews of the main SARMs. I wouldn’t touch steroids, but SARMs are pretty damn close to that level without having the same damaging problems.

I’ll cover the androgenic SARMs, and the non-androgenic SARMs, so you are clear on which ones can drop your testosterone by mimicking it.

I’ll tell you how to stack SARMs, how to cycle them, and what dosage range you should consider working within. I’ll also talk about PCT, and how you should construct that after a SARMs cycle.

Put together, this category will cover everything from my point of view in terms of my experiences of using all types of bodybuilding supplements alongside hard work and fantastic regime over several years, so that you have the best information possible to use those supplements successfully.