SARMs are something that I first heard about several years ago. I was using natural bodybuilding supplements to get over a bump in the road with my bodybuilding efforts, and they weren’t something already pay that much attention to.

The further down the line I got, I noticed my progress was stalling compared to a couple of guys at the gym, when I knew I was putting in just as much effort. I just wasn’t getting the gains they were, I just wasn’t getting the returns for my efforts even though they work in parable.

It turned out they were taking SARMs. I started looking into SARMs in detail, and realised I was missing a trick. Although they aren’t regulated or tested on humans, they are safe due to 20 years of anecdotal evidence as far as I can see.

So what I’m going to do here in this category is tell you about my experiences using SARMs, how to stack them, how to dose them, and the results I got.

I’m going to cover the androgenic SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators). These are the SARMs which mimics testosterone in the body. They can cause testosterone drop, and they require PCT.

I’ll also talk about the SARMs which aren’t genuinely androgenic. They work using other mechanisms of action, and can use completely free of PCT, because they don’t affect your testosterone levels.

I’ll talk about using SARMs off cycle when they are non-androgenic, meaning you can use a mild one with your PCT if needed to protect your gains and maintain your strength.

And I will also cover in depth what PCT actually is. What supplements are best to use, depending on the SARMs you’re using. Sometimes, even if you’re using androgenic SARMs, you don’t need a potent SERM like Nolvadex or Clomid, a natural testosterone booster can actually be enough.

More than that, I’ll talk to you about stacking SARMs, and what sort of dosage range you should be considering using the single SARMs, or when you are weaving together a stack of SARMs for bulking, cutting, strength, or maintenance.