I’ve learned quite a bit about passing a drug test as a regular weed smoker over the past few years. I want to pass on my knowledge about doing this through the content in this category.

It’s not just my own experiences though, it’s people I know and trust, and people I know from networking online. On top of that, I spent hundreds of hours researching drug testing as well.

The reason I get so annoyed, is that most people looking to pass a drug test are not junkies who are completely falling out of society. They are responsible, legitimate, individuals who have the odd joint at the weekends, or go out and party occasionally, and don’t want to lose their livelihood or other status in society because they get caught through a drug test which they should never face in the first place.

Let’s be clear here, you could smoke a joint once. Because of the way weed metabolites cling to cells in your body, you could still test positive three weeks later. That could stop you getting a job, or could lose you your job. Is that fair?

Worse than that, the above scenario could happen in a state where recreational cannabis use is entirely legal. So, you could lose your job, or worse, doing something completely legal?

Just imagine if you were always driving your car safely and within the speed limit, but arbitrary private individuals could stop you and do their own driving test on you. If found to be not driving safely in their opinion, you are penalized for it with potentially far-reaching consequences. There would be absolute uproar and outrage, and yet it’s exactly what’s happening right now with drug testing.

What you’re going to learn here is everything you need to know to pass a legally administered drug test. I’ve tested a lot of detox drinks for example, and using home drug test kits and the correct process, have determined which one’s work (my shock is only three brands truly work).

I’ve also use fake urine to pass a couple of drug test, and I know a couple of friends you have. Alongside detailed online research into the composition and history of they use, I’ve narrowed it down to 4 brands which genuinely work to pass drug tests, while the rest should really be avoided.

It’s the same with detox pills. Although there are plenty brands out there, most are cheap and really bad quality. On top of that, those detox pills are not genuinely designed to detox to pass a drug test, they are designed as part of an ongoing detoxification program. In fact, only a handful of detox pills really work, and only one brand is truly potent.

So, what you’re going to get here is detailed product reviews on detox pills, drinks, and fake urine, alongside advice on how to use them, and telling you exactly which ones work, and exactly why they work.