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How To Find & Use The Best Synthetic Urine Brands

Finding the best synthetic urine to pass a drug test with his only half the battle. You have to know how to use it, and when it’s not the best option to use.

What I’m going to do here is talk you through everything you need to know about using fake pee for a drug test based on my own research and experiences, alongside those people of I know and trust.

You’re going to learn everything you need to know right here. What your options are for passing a drug test, and what the best fake urine actually consists of.

Plus, I’m also going to tell you right brands to avoid, the biocide problem you might have read about, and I’ll also talk you through the top three brands out there with detailed synthetic urine reviews, so you can make the best choice possible for your next drug test.

Your Options For Passing A Drug Test

When it comes to passing a drug test you have several options when you are a regular drug user who is going to get found out if you just go and submit a natural sample.

These are the options you have:

  1. You can use a detox drink. The misconception around these is that drinking them detoxifies your body fully. It doesn’t. What a detox drink does is to flush out the toxins moving through your kidneys and out of your bladder. Along with the volume of liquid flushing out the old urine with toxins in it, it also floods your body with things found in urine so some get passed through into your urine as waste. So for a few hours, you get a natural sample, but it’s only a temporary effect until fresh toxins pass through the kidneys.
  2. The second option you have is a natural detox. If you’ve got a week before your drug test and you are a moderate user, or a couple of weeks if your heavy user or smoker, then you can probably get clean naturally if you do a natural detox. You’ll have to accelerate it to make sure, and this means investing in detox pills that can speed up the removal of toxins from the body significantly.
  3. Synthetic urine is the third way you can pass a drug test. The downside to synthetic urine is that you can’t really use it for supervised drug tests, although these are not particularly common, and certainly I’ve never heard of one being done for a basic employment drug test.

The bottom line is that if you’ve got the guts to smuggle the fake sample in, then it really isn’t a problem because with unsupervised standard drug testing you don’t get searched at all, and nobody is in the room with you, then fake urine of high-quality and submitted at the right temperature is the guaranteed way to pass a drug test.

The Characteristics OF The Best Synthetic Urine

I didn’t want to be submitting any old crap, and that’s why I looked into what the characteristics of the best synthetic urine products are, so I could see how closely they mimicked real urine.

The real basics of the best quality fake urine have to include the following:

  • The fake urine must contain creatinine which is a waste product of creatine
  • Your fake sample has to be within the correct specific gravity range
  • Fake urine has to fall within the same pH range as human urine
  • The best synthetic urine brands contain urea and uric acid
  • The top-quality fake urine brands also contain additional chemicals found in human urine
  • Must also need it to look, froth, and even smell like human urine if possible

That’s an awful lot of boxes to tick, which is why only a very few fake urine brands are actually really going to pass a drug test for you.

Just by realizing all that, it certainly helped me. Half the fake urine brands available went straight out of the window. And another problem, that I will talk to you about next, knocked out nearly all of the others.

The Biocide Problem

The next thing I want to talk to you about is the biocide problem. It’s something that reared its head about two years ago in knowledgeable online discussion groups.

Biocide is an artificial preservative used in tons of household stuff, and things like makeup and beauty products. It significantly lengthens the shelf life of the product.

The thing is, it’s also in quite a few brands of fake urine. The rumor was that the big testing labs like LabCorp and Quest realized this. They also realized that if they just tested for the presence of biocide then they could rule out the majority of fake samples easily.

Lots of brands of fake urine suddenly started to fail about two years ago, the failure rate literally skyrocketed over a few weeks. When 2 and 2 were put together, it eventually was worked out that biocide was the issue.

So for me, the best synthetic urine simply cannot contain biocide. Which actually limits it to around five products on the market right now.

Heatpad Or Heat Activator Powder?

The next consideration, when trying to find that the ultimate fake urine product for your needs, is to consider whether you want to use a heatpad or heat activator powder.

The temperature of the sample being outside that of human urine is the biggest reason why people fail when submitting a fake sample.

Human urine exits the body within a surprisingly narrow temperature range, between 96°F and 100°F. But legally, to allow for up to 4 minutes of cooling before the temperature is tested, the lab has to accept any sample between 90°F and 100°F. So, you have to submit your fake sample within that narrow temperature range.

A heatpad is simply an air activated pad, usually quite slim and discreet. It pumps out a steady heat that should keep the sample within the correct temperature for several hours potentially after you prepare the sample and transport it to submit.

The problem with heatpads is they can fail. They can pump out heat too quickly, or it’s not consistent. The sample can either be too hot, or too cold. Most of the time it is fine, but using a heatpad does increase your chances of failing.

Also, if you get to drug testing place and it’s too cold, what are you meant to do? You can’t heat up the heatpad. But what you can do is carry a flask of hot, not boiling, water with you and heat the temperature up a bit that way. But it’s a real round peg in a square hole solution, and not ideal.

Heat activator powder is only actually used by two of the best synthetic urine products. You don’t use a heatpad at all, and you don’t even need to transport the sample within the correct temperature range.

The heat activator powder works really rapidly, within about two minutes. You just transport the sample, and before you go into the testing building you check the temperature, tap in a bit of heat activator powder, and watch the temperature rise. If it’s not warm enough, tap in a little more, shake it gently and watch for the temperature registering on the temperature strip. Get it as close 100°F as you can without going over, and you are good to go for about 20 minutes.

how to keep urine warm

The Fake Urine Brands To Avoid

Further on in this guide to the best synthetic urine, I’m going to do detailed synthetic urine reviews of the top three brands out there based on all the criteria I’m talking about here.

I want to warn you away from a few brands of fake urine which are simply not worth considering first though.

These brands all are rumored to contain biocide. Also, they are not complex and balanced enough to pass a drug test:

  • Magnum synthetic urine
  • U Pass (the best of the bunch that could work for a basic test)
  • XStream
  • Synthetix5
  • Agent X Fake Urine
  • JetClean

U Pass could possibly work for a basic pre-employment drug test as I’m not convinced it does contain biocide because people are still saying they are passing using it. But for all of the rest, forget it.

How To Use Fake Pee For Drug Test Success

Before I conclude this guide with three synthetic urine reviews, I want to tell you exactly how to use fake pee for drug tests.

Instructions vary a little depending on the structure of the urine, and whether you’re using a heatpad or heat activator powder, but broadly this is the best practice you should follow:

  1. Most fake urine is premixed. However, if it’s a powder then you simply mix it with some filtered water (don’t use tap water as it contains things not found in urine) to get the sample ready.
  2. You then microwave the sample for about 10 seconds if it comes with a heatpad. Shake it then look at the temperature strip. If it’s not registering, do another 10 seconds in the microwave. You’re looking to achieve a temperature as close to 100°F as possible without going over because the temperature will then not register on the strip again.
  3. If it’s a heatpad that you going to use to keep the sample within the magical temperature range of between 90°F 100°F, then stick it to the side of the sample using a supplied double-sided sticking strip if supplied, or by taping it firmly to the sample. The best practice tip for me is to activate the heatpad before you heat up the sample, so it’s had a chance to warm up, meaning the sample won’t cool as the heatpad warms up.
  4. Whether you’re using a heatpad or heat activator powder, tuck the sample in between two pairs of underpants. This will keep it securely in place in an area you’ll not get looked at thoroughly, and also it keeps it closer to body temperature. Then put on baggy jogging bottoms.
  5. Outside the place, you’re going to submit your sample in, check the temperature. If you’re using a heatpad and it’s cooled, you’ll need to pour hot water over it to heat up. If you’re using heat activator powder, this is the point at which you actually put heat into the sample. Simply tap in about one-quarter of the heat activator powder, shake it gently, and watch the temperature strip. It doesn’t register, add another quarter, and you should then see the temperature register.
  6. While you are in the building behind a screen, or in a separate room submit your sample, check the temperature again. If you’re using heat activator powder then you can even increase the temperature right there before you submit the sample if necessary.

Synthetic Urine Reviews: The Top 3 Fake Urine Kits

 Taking everything into account that I’ve just told you, I narrowed things down to the following three brands.

I actually used the second choice, Sub Solution, to pass my first drug test using a fake sample. Quick Luck has been released since then, but Sub Solution is still just as good in practical terms.

I did everything I’ve outlined in the instructions above, and using Sub Solution I passed my test like a dream. You can too, as long as you’ve got the balls to submit a fake sample (and you don’t even need balls because it works just as well the males and females).

  1. Quick Luck

For me, Quick Luck has to be the number one brand of fake urine out there, it’s simply the best synthetic urine that you can buy. But you will have to spend significant money to buy it, as it costs $100, which is $20 more than even the most expensive second choice.

But what you’re getting for your money is the most advanced formula available. It contains 15 chemicals found in human urine. That’s as close as you’re going to get, and it means even the most advanced drug test scrutiny is going to struggle to spot its fate.

More than that, Quick Luck looks like human urine, I mean really looks like it. Also, it froths like it and even smells like it. Visually it’s as close as you’re going to get. Some labs claim they do visual tests, or even a sniff test on some samples (I’m assuming for more advanced tests which require more scrutiny), so this is going to pass those tests.

Also with Quick Luck, you get heatpads and heat activator powder. Obviously, you’re going to use the heat activator powder, but the heatpads do give you the option to practice in advance and to transport the sample at a warmer temperature so that the heat activator powder has less work to do.

I haven’t used Quick Luck, I’ve used Sub Solution. But next time I will definitely trade up to Quick Luck because it’s premixed and is a slightly more advanced formula. It really is the ultimate if you want to pass a drug test and you can afford $100. If you can afford it, don’t even consider anything else is my advice.

fake pee for drug test

  1. Sub Solution

The second of the best fake urine brands out there is Sub Solution. It’s been the top-selling brand for a number of years and has got even more popular as other fake urine products have tailed off due to poor formulas and the biocide problem.

Sub Solution is almost identical to Quick Luck but just a slightly less advanced formula, but still contains at least 14 chemicals found in urine, and is perfectly balanced. It’s really going to pass the closest scrutiny. It also looks, smells, and froths like real urine so will definitely pass that visual inspection as well.

Sub Solution on the downside isn’t premixed. It’s a powder that you have to mix with filtered water. So you will need a water source and preparation time. That doesn’t make it suitable for on-the-job testing, whereas Quick Luck which is premixed, so definitely is.

Sub Solution costs $80, so you’re paying $20 less because of the fact it’s not premixed and is slightly less complex. Also, you don’t get heatpads, but you do get the incredible heat activator powder.

In terms of where to buy synthetic urine, both Quick Luck and Sub Solution best bought from the Clear Choice webstore.

If you buy them there, you can also get a great combo deal with something called the practice kit. This contains heat activator powder, heatpads, and the mixing containers, but not the urine. With it, you can do a full practice run with water before the day of your test so that you don’t run into problems.

  1. Quick Fix

Third, on my list of the most high-quality synthetic urine brands out, there is Quick Fix. Now let me say that the caveat to that is this is a complete level down from Sub Solution and Quick Luck.

It only costs $40 and is a basic formula only contains creatinine, urea, uric acid. It looks like urine, but doesn’t really froth or smell like it.

But for $40 it’s pretty good, and for a basic pre-employment drug test, where it’s not going to face much scrutiny, Quick Fix has a great track record of passing. It comes with a single heatpad that’s good quality, but you do still get what you pay for which means there’s a slight increase in the chance of the heatpad failing.

If you don’t care about the drug test, it’s only a basic pre-employment one, or you can’t afford $80 for Sub Solution, then Quick Fix is the best of the rest.

In terms of where to buy this synthetic urine, it’s best bought from the authorized reseller here (link).