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Is Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex The Most Powerful Detox Drink?

I’ve tested Ultra Eliminex, and I’ve also tested many other detox drinks. Ultra Eliminex reviews claim it’s the most powerful, modern detox formula out there, that can mask even the most ludicrous amounts of drug toxins.

Well, I was a bit dubious. So here you will read the full results of what I did to learn about Ultra Eliminex. I researched it’s you don’t have to, and I’ve tested it, so you don’t have to take a gamble with it. But what I’m going to advise is not quite as simple as just drinking the drink and going in taking a drug test.

So what you’re going to read here is all you need to know about Ultra Eliminex based on my own personal experience, learn how a detox drink works, get full Ultra Eliminex instructions with some top tips, and find out where to buy it at the best price.

What Is Ultra Eliminex

The company that makes Ultra Eliminex is called Herbal Clean. These guys actually don’t have a great track record at all.

Herbal clean are responsible for the QCarbo range of detox drinks. These are widely available, even being sold at Walmart. However, they don’t have a great track record and a lot of people fail drug tests using them.

Now not saying they are the worst; I’ve done a two-day detox and passed a home drug test with QCarbo32. However, the evidence from people I know and people online is that it’s basically tossing a coin.

On top of that, the company also sells a really poor range of detox pills. Quite a few different ones which all appear to have basically the same ingredients, and seem to be scamming people into parting with their money thinking that they will detox to pass a drug test when they are simply not powerful enough to achieve that.

So when Ultra Eliminex came along from the same company, claiming to be the most powerful detox drinks in the world today, that’s a huge claim that is being made by a lot of people, and I wanted to get to the bottom of the truth around those reviews.

Ultra Eliminex review

How A Detox Drink Really Works

The biggest misconception about detox drinks is that they truly detoxify your body permanently.

They do nothing of the sort, all the detox drink does is the following:

  1. First, the volume of liquid flushes out urine in your bladder that contains drug metabolites.
  2. This liquid also helps to push toxins approaching your kidneys through them, and clean out your kidneys as well. That gives you more time before fresh toxins work their way through your kidneys and into your urine, up to 5 hours but often less.
  3. A high-quality detox drink like Ultra Eliminex is also a special liquid that contains natural ingredients that help you to urinate more and help your body to process things faster, meaning more toxins are eliminated faster.
  4. The detox drink also contains a perfect balance of the things found in human urine. It contains enough that some are passed through your body as waste, thus appearing in your urine and making it appear natural.

That’s what great quality detox drink does; the problem is that most of them in my experience don’t do that at all. That’s why I’ve never even attempted to use 90% of the detox drinks out there to pass a drug test.

Is A Detox Drink The Best Option?

The bottom line is that a detox drink will help you to pass a drug test unless you are a really chronic drug user.

Even then, a powerful detox drink like Ultra Eliminex should have the potency alongside a short-term detox before the day of your test to mask the toxins.

What I’m saying here, is if you do a detox of 2-3 days before the day of your test, you’ll push out a ton of toxins, leaving less for the detox drink to deal with. That will give you a long time after you’ve finished drinking the detox drink before toxins appear back in your urine.

For some people though, synthetic urine is the best option because the detox drink simply will not mask the high levels of toxins for long enough. But unless you are smoking three or four joints a day, then Ultra Eliminex will work for you alongside a short detox.

Ultra Eliminex Instructions

Let me now talk you through the whole process of using Ultra Eliminex as a frequent drug user like I am (weed smoker).

  1. You’ll want to do a detox to minimize the number of toxins in your body on the day of your test. For this, the first step is to give up smoking or taking drugs until your drug test. Even if it’s only two days as a minimum, then do it, but it has to be at least two days and I’d always advise as long as possible. If you can’t do it, if you don’t get the notice, then Ultra Eliminex could be powerful enough on its own to mask the toxins but it’s obviously more of a risk.
  2. Do a natural detox for at least two days. That means drinking plenty of water, urinating, eating small and lean meals, sweating and exercising, and basically doing anything you can to speed up the elimination of toxins through speeding up your metabolism.
  3. Do a short course of detox pills. Toxin Rid is the pills I would recommend. They do short 1-3 day courses. Grab yourself one of those courses and do that over the time you’re doing a natural detox. That will speed up the elimination of toxins by at least 50%, leaving far less work for Ultra Eliminex do on the day of your test.
  4. On the day of your drug test, two hours before you leave, drink the contents of the Ultra Eliminex detox bottle smoothly over 30 minutes. There is no need to drink any additional water.
  5. During and after consumption of Ultra Eliminex, the next stage of the Ultra Eliminex instructions is to urinate as frequently as you can over the following hour, a total elimination time of 90 minutes.
  6. With about 30 minutes before you leave, now is the time to take a home drug test to make sure you’re clean. As long as you are clean, you can now go and submit your sample, and you’ll have up to 5 hours to do that, but I would aim to do within two hours of leaving your home ideally.

Mega clean detox

Does Ultra Eliminex Work?

I have actually passed a live drug test using a Mega Clean and Toxin Rid combo, three days of pills, natural detox, and then Mega Clean on the day of my test.

So for me, as a chronic weed smoker, a couple of joints a day, Ultra Eliminex should work to pass a home test.

I didn’t do the Toxin Rid though, I just did a 48-hour detox. I figured as Ultra Eliminex a stronger, I should still get away with it.

I did exactly what I’ve explained in the Ultra Eliminex instructions above, and I passed a home drug test two hours after I finished drinking it. So Ultra Eliminex definitely to me is a very potent detox drink.

I wouldn’t recommend that you avoid the two-day detox, and if you can afford Toxin Rid, then get the two-day pill course because that will certainly increase your chances of passing.

Ultra Eliminex therefore can work on its own, and it definitely works with Toxin Rid as Mega Clean did. It should also work with other pre-rid supplements, the ones aren’t as potent as Toxin Rid, but obviously, you are increasing your risk.

If you can’t afford Toxin Rid (around 60 dollars for the two days alongside the $80 for Ultra Eliminex), then try and do a longer natural detox. If you can do five days of natural detoxification, then use Ultra Eliminex on the day of your test, that should pretty well match up with a two-day detox using Toxin Rid, in terms of the number of toxins that can be pushed out of the body.

Where To Buy Ultra Eliminex

As far as I’m concerned, those Ultra Eliminex reviews are right. It’s a potent new formula that’s totally different to its predecessor Qcarbo, and also very different to Mega Clean and Rescue Cleanse in terms of formulation (the two detox drinks I’ve used to pass real drug tests).

When it comes to buying Ultra Eliminex, I would always recommend you buy it from an authorized reseller, and Test Negative are the guys I would advise you buy it from. They also sell great value home drug test kits as well.

Toxin Rid is available from Test Clear. Grab yourself a two-day course for 60 bucks, and they also sell drug test kits, and in fact, you get a free one bundled in with any course length of Toxin Rid.

So as long as you’ve got a week’s notice of your drug test, you can get the stuff in stock. If you’re not sure when a drug test is going to happen, then my advice is to buy yourself a two-day course of toxin rid, and a bottle of Ultra Eliminex so you are then fully prepared to stop taking drugs and get yourself detoxed as soon as you know you are potentially facing a drug test (if you’re going for a job interview then you will usually begin 24 hours after the interview to submit a sample).

Does Toxin Rid Work To Detox You Permanently?

Toxin Rid is the best-known detox pill course out there. But not a lot of people really understand how it works, and there’s a common misconception about how you use it and what it achieves. So I’m going to do here is answer the question does Toxin Rid work and tell you how.

I’ll also explain how you determine the correct course length for your level of drug toxins, and how quickly you could expect to be clean to pass a drug test.

We will also go into detail about how to do a natural detox alongside your pill course, and where you can buy Toxin Rid (clue: you can’t buy Toxin Rid at Walmart).

What Exactly Is Toxin Rid?

Toxin Rid is the brand name for a powerful detox pill course.

You can get different course lengths, from a single day, all the way through to a full 10 day detox course. In this review, I’m going to be focusing on the Toxin Rid 10 day detox because it’s the longest and most potent one you can buy.

I want to clear up misconception right here at the start of this though because a lot of Toxin Rid reviews are a bit ambiguous and misleading.

You can’t just take the Toxin Rid pills and carry on as you are, expecting them to somehow magically drag toxins out of your body. Detox pills accelerate natural detox. So you’re going to have to stop taking drugs until you pass a drug test, and do a detoxification program that’s sped up by Toxin Rid.

How Detox Pills Work

Now you know detox pills aren’t “magic bullets” that somehow draw all the toxins out of your body with no effort from yourself, let’s explain how they work.

Toxin Rid detox pills contain a range of ingredients that help in the following ways:

  • Ingredients that help to draw more toxins out of the body in total
  • Toxin Rid contains natural ingredients that speed up the elimination of toxins
  • The pill course contains diuretics that mean you urinate more frequently and expel more
  • Toxin Rid contains fiber and other ingredients that help you to pass more stools
  • The fiber in the pills alongside a high fiber diet draws cannabis metabolites to the bowel
  • Toxin Rid also contains a detox supplement that replaces some of the lost nutrients

Put together, you’ve got a completely natural course of pills that helps to speed up the removal of toxins from the body, pushing more towards the exit doors.

I mentioned cannabis metabolites. Cannabis works differently. Whereas most drug metabolites exit almost universally through urine, with cannabis nearly 50% exit through the bowels. So the fiber in Toxin Rid, alongside a high fiber diet, creates more bile which alongside the fiber helps to draw cannabis metabolites out through the bowel more rapidly, meaning less exiting through urine.

How To Do A Natural Detox

Toxin Rid won’t work if you keep taking drugs. That much should be obvious to you.

But these are the additional steps you need to take to do a natural detox until you are truly clean:

  • As I said, stop taking drugs
  • Don’t drink alcohol or anything else that slows your system down
  • Avoid toxins and unnecessary medication
  • Avoid anything (things like fatty foods) which can slow down processing in the kidney and liver
  • Avoid fatty foods, refined carbohydrates, sugary foods, and all processed foods
  • Focus your efforts on eating fiber and whole grains, lean proteins, vegetables and fruit
  • Make sure you go to the toilet as often as possible
  • Exercise every day so that you sweat and speed up your metabolism
  • Drink at least 3 L/3/4 of a gallon of water every day

So as you can see, natural detox is not easy. You have to stick at it until you test clean, which means buying home drug test kits and doing them every couple of days until you consistently test clean for a few days.

how to detox naturally

What Course Length Do I Need & How Quick Will I Be Clean?

Now, I’m sure that doing a natural detox for several weeks sounds like an absolute nightmare.

The good news is that most people won’t need to detox for several weeks at all. If you are a light-to-moderate drug user of any type, a couple of times a week, and not crazy doses, then you’ll be clean in a week anyway, even naturally, and there’s no need to buy Toxin Rid.

The only time you would is if you are facing a drug test at short notice and you want to push out as many toxins as possible before masking the rest on the day of your test with a detox drink. In that case, one of the shorter detox causes in Toxin Rid, the one, two, or three day courses are ideal.

But we are talking about the people who are chronic users, more days of the week than not, and chronic weed smokers who are smoking every day. In those situations, it could take a couple of weeks to get rid of all the drug metabolites in your body.

Even worse news for cannabis smokers, if you are a chronic user, cannabis metabolites can take two months to exit the body. That’s because of the way they cling to cells in the body and detach at random intervals, unlike most other drug metabolites which leave the body in a linear fashion.

The bottom line is that if you are a chronic user of any type, the seven-day course is a minimum, and I would just recommend you go straight for the longest Toxin Rid 10 day detox course. That way you are covering all your bases and committing yourself to at least a 10 day natural detox.

Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox Instructions

Toxin Rid instructions

Now you understand the commitment you have to make through doing a natural detox, and the fact that you’re going to be doing this for 10 days or more, let’s look at the instructions for doing the full Toxin Rid 10 day detox.

  1. Stop taking drugs as soon as you know you’re going to start the course, even if you stop a few days before you start doing the natural detox alongside the Toxin Rid pills, the longer you can go without drugs the fewer toxins in your body there will be to deal with.
  2. For every day of the 10 day Toxin Rid detox course, take three pills per hour for the first five hours you’re awake. Drink 8 fluid ounces of water with each set of pills. Make sure you spend the rest of the day drinking plenty of water and urinating frequently alongside the other elements of natural detox.
  3. On day 10, two hours after taking your last three Toxin Rid capsules, you then mix up the detox liquid. You can use 16 fluid ounces of filtered water or orange juice (I prefer filtered water because it keeps things clean up). Drink half of the liquid and then wait two hours. Then drink the other half of the liquid. Then do not eat or drink anything for at least another two hours. This is a nutrient drink that replaces some of the good nutrients that have been pushed out by the potency of Toxin Rid.
  4. On the day of your drug test, which hopefully you have timed to be within a couple of days of the end of the Toxin Rid 10 day detox, two hours before your test mix-up the dietary fiber supplement. Drink that down in 10 minutes, and then urinate twice. This helps to push more toxins out of the bladder, and also draw any cannabis toxins towards the bowel.
  5. This is an additional step that I recommend. Have home drug test kits handy. Do them every other day from halfway through the course. So days six, eight, and 10. By day 10 you should be testing clean. Keep at least one kit handy for the day of your test as well. Drink the dietary fiber, and then test yourself again. If through sheer bad luck of having stray toxins in your body still you test positive, then you’ll need a high-quality detox drink to mask the rest.

The million-dollar question is of course does Toxin Rid work? Well, if you do the natural detox, stop taking drugs, and religiously do everything I’ve just outlined above, you will get clean in about half the time it would take to get clean naturally, and sometimes even less than that.

So if it will take you two weeks to get rid of all the drug metabolites from your body, say you’re a heavy weed smoker, then you could be clean in a week. Towards the end of the Toxin Rid 10 day detox course, you should be testing clean, and definitely by the end of it.

Where To Buy Toxin Rid

I’m not going to pretend, unlike some other Toxin Rid reviews out there, that using Toxin Rid is a piece of cake. It’s not a magic pill.

If you want to get completely clean though, genuinely clean, to pass an important drug test or just a kickstart healthy lifestyle away from drugs, then it is the perfect tonic to use alongside a natural detox to at least half the time it takes to get the metabolites out of your body.

In terms of where to buy Toxin Rid, Test Clear is the place I would advise you to buy them from. Test Clear is the official reseller.

You’ll get the best prices, and you’ll even get one free home drug test kit bundled up free, with additional ones available for a good price.

There is no Toxin Rid Walmart option, and you can’t buy it (or any quality detox products) on eBay, or Amazon, any of those general marketplace websites legitimately. You will be buying fakes or poor quality products. Stick to buying Toxin Rid 10 day detox from Test Clear, and you can’t go wrong.

I Tested Quick Luck Synthetic Urine On A Real Drug Test

In this guide to Quick Luck synthetic urine, you going to learn exactly why it’s so good in just five minutes.

First, there was Quick Fix, it was really popular, but nowadays it’s considered basic. Then the number one selling brand was Sub Solution, and it still is. But recently, we’ve now got new fake urine called Quick Luck. The most advanced formula backed up by the flexibility of the unique heat activator powder included with Sub Solution and Quick Luck.

So I’m going to do is explain exactly why Quick Luck is so complex, how to use it, how it compares to Sub Solution, and also how you can use another product from clear choice alongside it to maximize your chances of passing a drug test.

Clear Choice Urine Explained

Clear choice makes two synthetic urine products: Sub Solution and Quick Luck. Sub Solution’s been around for a number of years and was a complete game changer compared to more simplistic fake urine products like Quick Fix.

Far more complex, and it uses heat activator powder rather than a heatpad.

It is the new product from Clear Choice urine. It’s more complex than Sub Solution, and it’s premixed. Sub Solution is a powder that you have to mix with filtered water, whereas Quick Luck is ready to go.

You just add in the heat activator powder and you have a viable sample in as little as two minutes. That makes Quick Luck perfect for on the spot drug testing in a way that simply can’t be achieved using Sub Solution.

How Complex Is Quick Luck?

Let’s take a look first at Quick Fix. A basic brand of fake urine it’s been really popular for a number of years, and I used myself to pass a pre-employment drug test a few years ago.

It contains urea, uric acid, creatinine. It’s balanced for pH and specific gravity, and it “sort of” looks like human urine.

Now compare that to the complexity of Quick Luck:

  • Quick Luck contains urea, uric acid, and creatinine
  • Quick Luck contains a total of 15 chemical markers found in human urine
  • Quick Luck is perfectly balanced for both pH and specific gravity
  • Quick Luck looks, froths, and even smells like human urine
  • Quick Luck doesn’t rely on a heatpad to keep the temperature right
  • Quick Luck does not contain biocide

Put all that together, and Quick Luck is like comparing a Ferrari to a Skoda in terms of its performance.

I’ll just mention the biocide thing. Neither Quick Luck or Sub Solution contains biocide. It’s a chemical found in many brands of cheap fake urine, and it’s rumored that in 2018 the big testing labs realized this and started testing for the presence of biocide and thus being able to rule out most fake samples easily.

What You Get In The Urine Kit

When you buy your Quick Luck synthetic urine you could be a little underwhelmed by what you receive.

All you get in the Quick Luck box is a container with 3 fluid ounces of premixed urine, a vial of heat activator powder, and a pair of high-quality air-activated heat pads that you probably won’t use.

What you have to remember is that you are paying for the complexity of the formula and how it mimics human urine physically, alongside complete control heat activator powder gives you over the temperature of the sample in comparison to a far more ineffective heatpad.

how to use quick luck synthetic urine

How To Use It Like A Pro

In terms of how to use Quick Luck, it’s really straightforward. I’m not going to tell you how to use the heatpads because to be honest, they are pretty irrelevant when you have the power of the heat activator powder.

  1. Because Quick Luck is premixed to just go straight to the place you’re going to submit your sample at.
  2. Before you go in, tap in about one-third of the heat activator powder. Watch the temperature strip on the site of the bottle, and see if it registers at between 90°F and 100°F. If not, tap in a small amount more and agitate that. You’re looking for a reading on the temperature strip as close to 100°F as possible, but not going above it.
  3. Tuck the warmed sample inside your underpants. This keeps the sample warm, and also it’s virtually impossible to spot the sample there. You will not get searched, and it’s an unsupervised drug test.
  4. Because it’s unsupervised when you’re in the room on your own submitting your sample (though occasionally you can be behind a screen) check the temperature to make sure it hasn’t cooled. If you’ve been unfortunate enough for that to happen, simply tap in a little bit more heat activator powder. As you can see, the heat activator powder gives you complete control over the sample temperature right up until the moment you submit it.

Quick Luck Vs Sub Solution

I bought a box of Quick Luck for the purposes of reviewing it here. For me though, I’ll probably stick with Sub Solution because I passed a drug test with it and I’ve got a box to use next time anyway.

I’ll probably use Quick Luck after that, but it won’t be because Sub Solution isn’t good enough. Sub Solution is complex enough to pass any level of scrutiny in normal drug testing. The benefits Quick Luck gives you above Sub Solution though rare in the fact it’s premixed rather than the fact it’s slightly more complex.

Once you mix Sub Solution you only have up to 24 hours to submit it before the sample spoils. But Quick Luck is premixed and lasts up to a year.

So you could keep it in your locker at work if you’ve got on the spot drug testing there. If they say you’ve got to go and submit your sample. Go to your locker, tap in some heat activator powder, and you got a viable sample in about two minutes.

Quick Luck is the ultimate in complexity and convenience that will pass any level of standard drug testing scrutiny.

Where To Buy Clear Choice Urine Products

Quick Luck is best bought from the Clear Choice webstore. It costs $100 in comparison to the $80 you will pay for Sub Solution.

You can increase your chances of the day by also buying something called the practice kit.

When you buy Sub Solution or Quick Luck you can get the practice kit at a discount price. It contains heat activator powder and the mixing container.

That allows you to practice in advance of the heat activator powder, as you will learn how much to use, and how quickly the sample will heat up to the right temperature, and how long you can keep it within the temperature range.

Buying Quick Luck and the practice kit is the ultimate insurance policy because it marries together complexity, the power of the heat activator powder, and knowing in advance exactly how everything is going to behave on the day of your test.

How To Find & Use The Best Synthetic Urine Brands

Finding the best synthetic urine to pass a drug test with his only half the battle. You have to know how to use it, and when it’s not the best option to use.

What I’m going to do here is talk you through everything you need to know about using fake pee for a drug test based on my own research and experiences, alongside those people of I know and trust.

You’re going to learn everything you need to know right here. What your options are for passing a drug test, and what the best fake urine actually consists of.

Plus, I’m also going to tell you right brands to avoid, the biocide problem you might have read about, and I’ll also talk you through the top three brands out there with detailed synthetic urine reviews, so you can make the best choice possible for your next drug test.

Your Options For Passing A Drug Test

When it comes to passing a drug test you have several options when you are a regular drug user who is going to get found out if you just go and submit a natural sample.

These are the options you have:

  1. You can use a detox drink. The misconception around these is that drinking them detoxifies your body fully. It doesn’t. What a detox drink does is to flush out the toxins moving through your kidneys and out of your bladder. Along with the volume of liquid flushing out the old urine with toxins in it, it also floods your body with things found in urine so some get passed through into your urine as waste. So for a few hours, you get a natural sample, but it’s only a temporary effect until fresh toxins pass through the kidneys.
  2. The second option you have is a natural detox. If you’ve got a week before your drug test and you are a moderate user, or a couple of weeks if your heavy user or smoker, then you can probably get clean naturally if you do a natural detox. You’ll have to accelerate it to make sure, and this means investing in detox pills that can speed up the removal of toxins from the body significantly.
  3. Synthetic urine is the third way you can pass a drug test. The downside to synthetic urine is that you can’t really use it for supervised drug tests, although these are not particularly common, and certainly I’ve never heard of one being done for a basic employment drug test.

The bottom line is that if you’ve got the guts to smuggle the fake sample in, then it really isn’t a problem because with unsupervised standard drug testing you don’t get searched at all, and nobody is in the room with you, then fake urine of high-quality and submitted at the right temperature is the guaranteed way to pass a drug test.

The Characteristics OF The Best Synthetic Urine

I didn’t want to be submitting any old crap, and that’s why I looked into what the characteristics of the best synthetic urine products are, so I could see how closely they mimicked real urine.

The real basics of the best quality fake urine have to include the following:

  • The fake urine must contain creatinine which is a waste product of creatine
  • Your fake sample has to be within the correct specific gravity range
  • Fake urine has to fall within the same pH range as human urine
  • The best synthetic urine brands contain urea and uric acid
  • The top-quality fake urine brands also contain additional chemicals found in human urine
  • Must also need it to look, froth, and even smell like human urine if possible

That’s an awful lot of boxes to tick, which is why only a very few fake urine brands are actually really going to pass a drug test for you.

Just by realizing all that, it certainly helped me. Half the fake urine brands available went straight out of the window. And another problem, that I will talk to you about next, knocked out nearly all of the others.

The Biocide Problem

The next thing I want to talk to you about is the biocide problem. It’s something that reared its head about two years ago in knowledgeable online discussion groups.

Biocide is an artificial preservative used in tons of household stuff, and things like makeup and beauty products. It significantly lengthens the shelf life of the product.

The thing is, it’s also in quite a few brands of fake urine. The rumor was that the big testing labs like LabCorp and Quest realized this. They also realized that if they just tested for the presence of biocide then they could rule out the majority of fake samples easily.

Lots of brands of fake urine suddenly started to fail about two years ago, the failure rate literally skyrocketed over a few weeks. When 2 and 2 were put together, it eventually was worked out that biocide was the issue.

So for me, the best synthetic urine simply cannot contain biocide. Which actually limits it to around five products on the market right now.

Heatpad Or Heat Activator Powder?

The next consideration, when trying to find that the ultimate fake urine product for your needs, is to consider whether you want to use a heatpad or heat activator powder.

The temperature of the sample being outside that of human urine is the biggest reason why people fail when submitting a fake sample.

Human urine exits the body within a surprisingly narrow temperature range, between 96°F and 100°F. But legally, to allow for up to 4 minutes of cooling before the temperature is tested, the lab has to accept any sample between 90°F and 100°F. So, you have to submit your fake sample within that narrow temperature range.

A heatpad is simply an air activated pad, usually quite slim and discreet. It pumps out a steady heat that should keep the sample within the correct temperature for several hours potentially after you prepare the sample and transport it to submit.

The problem with heatpads is they can fail. They can pump out heat too quickly, or it’s not consistent. The sample can either be too hot, or too cold. Most of the time it is fine, but using a heatpad does increase your chances of failing.

Also, if you get to drug testing place and it’s too cold, what are you meant to do? You can’t heat up the heatpad. But what you can do is carry a flask of hot, not boiling, water with you and heat the temperature up a bit that way. But it’s a real round peg in a square hole solution, and not ideal.

Heat activator powder is only actually used by two of the best synthetic urine products. You don’t use a heatpad at all, and you don’t even need to transport the sample within the correct temperature range.

The heat activator powder works really rapidly, within about two minutes. You just transport the sample, and before you go into the testing building you check the temperature, tap in a bit of heat activator powder, and watch the temperature rise. If it’s not warm enough, tap in a little more, shake it gently and watch for the temperature registering on the temperature strip. Get it as close 100°F as you can without going over, and you are good to go for about 20 minutes.

how to keep urine warm

The Fake Urine Brands To Avoid

Further on in this guide to the best synthetic urine, I’m going to do detailed synthetic urine reviews of the top three brands out there based on all the criteria I’m talking about here.

I want to warn you away from a few brands of fake urine which are simply not worth considering first though.

These brands all are rumored to contain biocide. Also, they are not complex and balanced enough to pass a drug test:

  • Magnum synthetic urine
  • U Pass (the best of the bunch that could work for a basic test)
  • XStream
  • Synthetix5
  • Agent X Fake Urine
  • JetClean

U Pass could possibly work for a basic pre-employment drug test as I’m not convinced it does contain biocide because people are still saying they are passing using it. But for all of the rest, forget it.

How To Use Fake Pee For Drug Test Success

Before I conclude this guide with three synthetic urine reviews, I want to tell you exactly how to use fake pee for drug tests.

Instructions vary a little depending on the structure of the urine, and whether you’re using a heatpad or heat activator powder, but broadly this is the best practice you should follow:

  1. Most fake urine is premixed. However, if it’s a powder then you simply mix it with some filtered water (don’t use tap water as it contains things not found in urine) to get the sample ready.
  2. You then microwave the sample for about 10 seconds if it comes with a heatpad. Shake it then look at the temperature strip. If it’s not registering, do another 10 seconds in the microwave. You’re looking to achieve a temperature as close to 100°F as possible without going over because the temperature will then not register on the strip again.
  3. If it’s a heatpad that you going to use to keep the sample within the magical temperature range of between 90°F 100°F, then stick it to the side of the sample using a supplied double-sided sticking strip if supplied, or by taping it firmly to the sample. The best practice tip for me is to activate the heatpad before you heat up the sample, so it’s had a chance to warm up, meaning the sample won’t cool as the heatpad warms up.
  4. Whether you’re using a heatpad or heat activator powder, tuck the sample in between two pairs of underpants. This will keep it securely in place in an area you’ll not get looked at thoroughly, and also it keeps it closer to body temperature. Then put on baggy jogging bottoms.
  5. Outside the place, you’re going to submit your sample in, check the temperature. If you’re using a heatpad and it’s cooled, you’ll need to pour hot water over it to heat up. If you’re using heat activator powder, this is the point at which you actually put heat into the sample. Simply tap in about one-quarter of the heat activator powder, shake it gently, and watch the temperature strip. It doesn’t register, add another quarter, and you should then see the temperature register.
  6. While you are in the building behind a screen, or in a separate room submit your sample, check the temperature again. If you’re using heat activator powder then you can even increase the temperature right there before you submit the sample if necessary.

Synthetic Urine Reviews: The Top 3 Fake Urine Kits

 Taking everything into account that I’ve just told you, I narrowed things down to the following three brands.

I actually used the second choice, Sub Solution, to pass my first drug test using a fake sample. Quick Luck has been released since then, but Sub Solution is still just as good in practical terms.

I did everything I’ve outlined in the instructions above, and using Sub Solution I passed my test like a dream. You can too, as long as you’ve got the balls to submit a fake sample (and you don’t even need balls because it works just as well the males and females).

  1. Quick Luck

For me, Quick Luck has to be the number one brand of fake urine out there, it’s simply the best synthetic urine that you can buy. But you will have to spend significant money to buy it, as it costs $100, which is $20 more than even the most expensive second choice.

But what you’re getting for your money is the most advanced formula available. It contains 15 chemicals found in human urine. That’s as close as you’re going to get, and it means even the most advanced drug test scrutiny is going to struggle to spot its fate.

More than that, Quick Luck looks like human urine, I mean really looks like it. Also, it froths like it and even smells like it. Visually it’s as close as you’re going to get. Some labs claim they do visual tests, or even a sniff test on some samples (I’m assuming for more advanced tests which require more scrutiny), so this is going to pass those tests.

Also with Quick Luck, you get heatpads and heat activator powder. Obviously, you’re going to use the heat activator powder, but the heatpads do give you the option to practice in advance and to transport the sample at a warmer temperature so that the heat activator powder has less work to do.

I haven’t used Quick Luck, I’ve used Sub Solution. But next time I will definitely trade up to Quick Luck because it’s premixed and is a slightly more advanced formula. It really is the ultimate if you want to pass a drug test and you can afford $100. If you can afford it, don’t even consider anything else is my advice.

fake pee for drug test

  1. Sub Solution

The second of the best fake urine brands out there is Sub Solution. It’s been the top-selling brand for a number of years and has got even more popular as other fake urine products have tailed off due to poor formulas and the biocide problem.

Sub Solution is almost identical to Quick Luck but just a slightly less advanced formula, but still contains at least 14 chemicals found in urine, and is perfectly balanced. It’s really going to pass the closest scrutiny. It also looks, smells, and froths like real urine so will definitely pass that visual inspection as well.

Sub Solution on the downside isn’t premixed. It’s a powder that you have to mix with filtered water. So you will need a water source and preparation time. That doesn’t make it suitable for on-the-job testing, whereas Quick Luck which is premixed, so definitely is.

Sub Solution costs $80, so you’re paying $20 less because of the fact it’s not premixed and is slightly less complex. Also, you don’t get heatpads, but you do get the incredible heat activator powder.

In terms of where to buy synthetic urine, both Quick Luck and Sub Solution best bought from the Clear Choice webstore.

If you buy them there, you can also get a great combo deal with something called the practice kit. This contains heat activator powder, heatpads, and the mixing containers, but not the urine. With it, you can do a full practice run with water before the day of your test so that you don’t run into problems.

  1. Quick Fix

Third, on my list of the most high-quality synthetic urine brands out, there is Quick Fix. Now let me say that the caveat to that is this is a complete level down from Sub Solution and Quick Luck.

It only costs $40 and is a basic formula only contains creatinine, urea, uric acid. It looks like urine, but doesn’t really froth or smell like it.

But for $40 it’s pretty good, and for a basic pre-employment drug test, where it’s not going to face much scrutiny, Quick Fix has a great track record of passing. It comes with a single heatpad that’s good quality, but you do still get what you pay for which means there’s a slight increase in the chance of the heatpad failing.

If you don’t care about the drug test, it’s only a basic pre-employment one, or you can’t afford $80 for Sub Solution, then Quick Fix is the best of the rest.

In terms of where to buy this synthetic urine, it’s best bought from the authorized reseller here (link).

How To Use Detox Pills For Drug Tests

I got really fed up with trying to do a natural detox to get ready for a pre-employment drug test a couple of years ago. It took weeks to get clean using a lot of home drug test kits to monitor my progress. So I’ve looked into how to use detox pills for drug test success in detail to speed it all up, and I’m going to pass on here in this quick guide.

I’m going to tell you exactly how drug metabolites work in the body, and how long it will take you to do a natural detox for them to be removed.

After giving you an idea of how long a natural detox will take, I’m going to explain how detox pills work and how much they speed up the process of a natural detox by eliminating toxins at a faster rate than your body can naturally.

Plus, I’ll finish by telling you about the top three brands of detox pills on the market, and compare them for potency, pricing, and how they are used.

How Drug Metabolites Work In The Body

When talking about taking drugs generally, but for the purposes of this guide going to talk about marijuana and its active ingredient THC which is converted mainly into the waste metabolite THC-NOOH.

So everything I’m talking out applies to cocaine, opiates, all narcotics, but to keep it simple I’m going to talk in terms of weed.

When you smoke a joint or take any drugs, the active ingredient that gets you high is converted at that point into waste products called metabolites. These metabolites are in your bloodstream, saliva, and other areas.

Eventually, these metabolites over hours and days work their way out of your body, through sweat and stools, but mostly in your urine.

Cannabis is slightly different from other drugs because nearly 50% of the metabolites do exit through the bowels because cannabis metabolites bind to bile which is created by fat and fibre to help its passage out of the body.

The bottom line is that a light drug user will usually be clean of toxins in about one week after a natural detox.

However, for chronic weed smoker, that can be as long as two months, and for a regular smoker two weeks or longer. So you need detox pills which can at least half the amount of time it takes for metabolites to exit the body naturally to make it worthwhile.

Marijuana metabolites

Doing A Do A Natural Detox

The best way to get clean is to do a natural detox. That means doing the following things religiously every day until you test clean using a home drug test kit:

  • Stop taking drugs of all types
  • Avoid prescription medications unless absolutely necessary
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco
  • Stop taking in any toxins where possible
  • Eat small meals that are packed with lean protein, whole grains and vegetables
  • Eat plenty of fruit in small amounts
  • If you’re trying to get rid of cannabis specifically eat plenty of fiber
  • Drink a lot of water every day (3 L/ three-quarter gallon minimum per day)
  • Exercise and sweat every day
  • Get at least eight hours sleep and stay relaxed

Doing all the above will help your body to speed up its ability to get rid of toxins to the maximum rate the body can. But that won’t be much because the body mostly works close to its optimal rate unless you are unhealthy.

I will also mention if you are trying to get rid of cannabis metabolites, then you should eat fatty meals in a couple of days leading up to your drug test. So go to town on burgers and other fatty foods because that will create bile which will help to draw more toxins out through the bladder. You shouldn’t be eating a fatty diet always through a natural detox though, because that slows your body processes down.

how to detox naturally

What Are The Best Drug Detox Pills?

When you’re doing a natural detox, you can speed things up using detox pills for weed.

Now let me explain a bit about marijuana detox pills to you. There is no such thing as a specific cannabis detox pill. Any product claiming it can specially target THC is talking rubbish. The only way it can do that is to contain fiber, which you can get from your diet in far higher quantities anyway.

So a high-quality detox pill will work for THC, and it will work for any other type of drug metabolites as well.

The best detox pills out there have the following characteristics:

  • They speed up the elimination of toxins through completely natural and safe ingredients
  • The best detox pills contain diuretics so you urinate more frequently
  • Detox pills help to draw more toxins towards the bowels and bladder
  • Detox pills contain nutrients that help your kidneys and liver to work more efficiently
  • Ingredients in detox pills can speed up metabolism and body processes (only slightly though)

Now as you can see, that is quite a checklist and not many detox pills out there contain everything that is needed to significantly speed up your body processes. But then again, most detox pills aren’t actually designed for eliminating drug toxins at all.

Most of the detox pills you’ll see out there is low quality, or barely have anything in them that work at all. These are the things you see on sale at Walmart, GNC, Walgreens, eBay, and Amazon.

They claim to be detox pills but are just detox supplements that slightly speed up the elimination of toxins from the body, things like free radicals as well, over the long term. You have to take them for several weeks as an ongoing supplement which is why most of them are sold with a months’ worth of pills.

So if you’re looking to run every day, drink vegetable smoothies, and you want to push things along a little more, then an ongoing supply cheap detox pills designed for general detoxification might help you, but it won’t do much good if you want to try and half the time it takes you to get clean to pass a drug test.

Detox Pills Or Detox Drinks?

I want to clear up the common misconception here, and one that confused me when I first started looking into detox products a few years ago.

A detox drink does not detox you. I know that sounds nuts, but it’s the truth. A detox drink is just a masking agent. It pushes more toxins out of the body than water can, and it throws a load of nutrients in your body that are found in urine, so some are passed through your kidneys as waste, keeping the balance natural.

Detox pills are completely different animals altogether. They are used alongside a natural detox to speed up the elimination of toxins over days and weeks to allow you to be completely naturally clean, meaning you’re not just masking the toxins, they are permanently removed.

detox drinks vs detox pills

The Top 3 Detox Pills For A Drug Test

  1. Toxin Rid

Top of anyone’s list has to be Toxin Rid, which I believe is the most potent detox kit you can buy.

With Toxin Rid, it’s not just about the potency of the detox pills, but you also get a very good detox drink supplement which helps to draw out the last of the toxins and also replace nutrients lost in the detox process.

On top of that, you get a dietary fiber supplement that flushes your body just before your test to allow you to draw more toxins out through the bowels, making it one of the perfect detox pills for weed.

Toxin Rid is available in course lengths from a single day all the way through to 10 days in length. Additional days can be bought on top of that as well.

Here are the instructions you need to follow with Toxin Rid:

  1. Take three tablets with 8 fluid ounces of water, every hour for the first five hours of the day. Do that for each day of the detox course. Make sure you drink plenty of water, and don’t drink alcohol as this can stop the detox process.
  2. On the last day of your detox, two hours after you take the last of pills, mix up the detox liquid. This not only helps to draw out more toxins, but it also contains an incredible range of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, crucial things for the body to replace what’s been lost during the powerful Toxin Rid detox. Drink half the liquid, then wait two hours and drink the other half of the liquid. You must then wait at least another two hours before eating anything.
  3. If you have a drug test within four days of finishing the detox course then the dietary fiber supplement can really help you on the day of your test. You mix it up and drink it with 8 fluid ounces of water. Over the next hour, you then drink another 16 fluid ounces of water. You need to do this at least three hours before your test. You then urinate frequently, and that will help to draw out any lingering toxins through both the bladder and bowels.

Now the confusion around using Toxin Rid THC detox pills is how to decide what course length you need. When there are course lengths from one day through to 10 days, how do you know how much to spend?

Well, for me five days or less in terms of course length is only for light users. If you have taken a load of marijuana or other drugs within the past seven days, or even infrequently, then five days or less in course length will mean you’re clean in 2-3 days.

The 7 and 10 day courses are designed for chronic weed smokers. I’ll be honest, if you’re a daily cannabis user I would just go straight for the 10 day course. You should be testing clean in under 10 days, and I found I was clean in five days, but persisted for the second five days because of the way cannabis metabolites work.

What I mean by that is cannabis metabolites don’t leave the body in a linear fashion. They cling onto cells in the body, so you could test clean for a couple of days, and then more start coming out. So it’s best to do the longest length and keep pushing your body to get them all out.

toxin rid detox

  1. Rescue 5 Day Detox

Rescue 5 Day Detox is the second best detox pill that you can buy, and again, this is a course of professional quality detox pills for weed and other drugs.

It’s actually a bit of misconception that it’s a five-day detox, the total course takes eight days to complete. This is actually even better because eight days gives you three more days then the five listed, so your body has time to push out more toxins.

These are the instructions that you will follow when using Rescue 5 Day Detox:

  1. On the day before the main five-day detox course, take the forehead start formula pills with 8 fluid ounces of water.
  2. Each morning when you get up, take six-morning formula pills with 8 fluid ounces of water. Make sure you drink plenty of water during the rest of the day and urinate frequently.
  3. Every evening take six of the evening formula pills with eight fluid ounces of water. Make sure you urinate a couple of times before you go to bed.
  4. The day after you finish the main five day pill course, take the four finisher formula pills with 8 fluid ounces of water, then drink plenty of water and urinate frequently throughout the rest of the day.
  5. As long as your drug test comes within three days of finishing the other pills, on the morning of your test, three hours before you leave, take the eight ICE detox capsules with 8 fluid ounces of water. Urinate at least twice, and then go and submit your sample. So as you can see, this is actually an eight-day course in total. If you start your natural detox 10 days before your drug test, then you’re standing in an incredibly high chance of being completely clean on the day of your test using this really affordable course of THC detox pills.
  1. Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula

The third best detox pills for drug test success are called Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula, but these are slightly different to the previous pair of detox pill reviews above.

Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula is more in line with the detox supplements I talked about at the beginning. It’s not a potent short course of detox pills that powers metabolites out of your body at a dramatically accelerated rate.

But the ingredients are tailored to taking drug tests. You get a 30 day supply, and the idea is that you take two pills per day over 30 days in the lead up to a potential drug test.

At the same time, you’re winding down on your drug use, so that you’ve got fewer metabolites in your body, and Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula is working to push more toxins out than your body can naturally.

That’s not the whole story though, as you can double the dose, or even treble it in the days leading up to your test to push out even more toxins. It’s not as powerful as Toxin Rid or Rescue 5 Day Detox, but it does give you a flexible way of dramatically increasing the speed at which toxins exit the body.

Detox Pills Price Value Comparison

In terms of comparing the price and value of the detox pills I’ve talked about in this quick guide to using detox pills a drug test, there is a big variation.

The full 10-day course of Toxin Rid will cost you $189.95. But you’ll get the full 10 day set of Toxin Rid pills, the detox liquid, and the dietary fiber supplement bundled in. It’s the most potent option for chronic weed smoker to get clean in less than two weeks.

Rescue 5 Day Detox usually costs around $60 for the full pill course. That’s three times cheaper than Toxin Rid, and for someone with moderate to high levels of toxin exposure, but not chronic daily weed smoking levels of toxins, then in eight days it should get you clean, or at least 90% clean.

Finally, Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula is 60 tablets for just $30. So it’s a budget product, that delivers budget results. But if you’re tapering down on your weed use, and you using Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula, then as a moderate smoker you stand a chance in 30 days of being completely clean or at least having far fewer toxins in your body to deal with on the day of your test.

Using Detox Pills With Detox Drinks

So whether you choose to use Toxin Rid, rescue 5 five Day detox, or to taper down will using Herbal Pre-Cleanse Formula, you’re still got to face that drug test.

On the day of your test, you’ll want to have a couple of home drug test kits handy. I’d actually advise you to buy half a dozen and use them in the second half of the detox and do one every other day to monitor when you actually start to get clean.

Do a test two hours before you leave. If you’re negative, cool, you’re good to go.

If you’re positive, it means you’ve still got a few toxins in your body. But because you have pushed out so many toxins during the detox course, there’s going to be very few for a powerful detox drink to mask.

So buy Rescue Cleanse or Ultra Eliminex, and then drink that detox drink. It will flush out any toxins lingering in your kidneys and bladder, and keep the nutrient balance in your urine appearing natural.

Because there are so few toxins left, you’ll have the maximum time the detox drink delivers to submit your sample, usually five hours.

If you time things right, and you work hard, then within 10 days of starting to use THC detox pills for your drug test, you can usually get completely clean, so that you are able to pass a drug test without masking any remaining toxins using a detox drink.

How To Use Detox Drinks For Drug Tests

If you’re facing a drug test then a high-quality detox drink is one of the easiest ways of passing. But how to use detox drinks for drug test success is something that is less well understood than the ease-of-use.

A lot of people think you literally just pour it down your throat and all the drug toxins exit your body leaving you permanently clean. That couldn’t be further from the truth, and that lack of thought and strategy will see you still fail a drug test.

Detox drinks can be effective, but they do have a significant failure rate if you don’t know what you’re doing with them. So what we’re going to do here is talk you through how to use detox drinks for masking THC and other drug toxins, as well as talking you through what the best detox drinks are, and why.

Your Options When Facing A Urine Sample Drug Test

When it comes to passing a urine drug test, you basically have three ways of achieving this:

  1. You can use a fake sample. This involves buying high-quality synthetic urine and submitting that instead of your own. However, it’s only suitable for unsupervised drug tests when nobody will be in the room with you, or you’re behind a screen out of sight. The good news though is that supervised drug testing is very rare, and if you are facing a drug test for employment or insurance purposes it’s almost always unsupervised. However, it also takes a bit of courage to smuggle a fake sample in (even though you will be searched), which puts some people off.
  2. The absolute best way you can pass a drug test is to do a natural detox. That way you are genuinely clean to pass any type of drug test. This involves abstaining from drugs for long enough for the metabolites to work their way out of your body. This can be a matter of days, but for heavy users, especially cannabis smokers, it can take several weeks. You can speed up the removal of toxins from your body by using good quality detox pills, but again, although this can speed up the elimination of toxins by up to 50%, you could still be taking a week or more to get clean.
  3. That leaves you with option three, using a detox drink. However, detox drinks can have a high failure rate unless you know what you’re doing, and unless you buy the right one. Also, there is a misconception around detox drinks which catches people out.

THC detox

How Do The Best Drug Detox Drinks Work?

The misconception around detox drinks is that they detox the body. That’s not actually true at all.

Some people got caught out because they have not really looked to the instructions, drunk the detox drink, and then wandered off to submit the sample the next day, or a couple of days later, because they think the toxins have been removed from the body by some magical force.

This is actually what a detox drink does in the body:

  1. A detox drink floods your body with the volume of liquid that flushes through your body and pushes existing urine out, the old urine that will contain drug toxins.
  2. The detox drink contains natural ingredients that help to speed up the elimination of toxins. So it will push out far more toxins than just water would, and at a faster rate. That means fewer toxins in your body, and specifically fewer toxins close to passing into your urine stream.
  3. The best detox drinks also contain a high quantity of vitamins, minerals, and other chemicals found in human urine. They also contain creatine, which is processed into a waste product called creatinine which is always found in urine. Because the detox drink is constructed to flood the body in the right quantities, some of what’s in it pass through as waste and appear in your urine in the correct quantities to appear natural.

So as you can see, a detox drink removes toxins temporarily and keeps your urine appearing naturally balanced.

However, what’s vital to understand is that this effect only lasts for as long as it takes your body to process toxins behind the detox drink. At some point, they will get through your kidneys and pass into your urine.

Usually, you’ll get about five hours before fresh toxins appear in your bladder. However, if you’re a chronic user, or you’ve got a faster metabolism, this time can be far lower, sometimes as little as two hours to get to the lab and submit your sample.

Instructions & Tips For Making Detox Drinks Effective

Here are a few top tips for making detox drinks more effective:

  1. Only use high-quality detox drinks that have a track record in being potent enough to mask the toxins for several hours and maintain the balance in your urine (this is the bit that often isn’t achieved by poor quality detox drinks).
  2. The process for taking a detox drink is that you drink it, and then urinate several times to remove the existing toxins and urine. But make sure after this that you use a home drug test kit, so that you know if you are actually clean to go and submit a sample.
  3. Make sure you do at least a 48-hour detox. Some detox drinks recommend 48 hours, some 72 hours, and some will claim that for heavy exposure you should detox for at least 10 days. For me that’s ridiculous and a get-out clause in case you ask for your money back! If you can abstain from drugs for at least 48 hours, drink plenty of water, and maybe use a short course of detox pills (Toxin Rid recommended), then there will be far fewer toxins in your body on the day of your test to deal with.

marijuana detox drinks

Avoid Detox Drinks That Don’t Work

At the end of this guide to using detox drinks for drug tests, I’m going to tell you about the top four detox drinks out there based on online feedback, me and my friends using them, and me home testing them with drug test kits to see how long they work for.

But there are some brands that you simply should avoid.

Magnum detox instant flush, Jazz total detox, The Stuff detox, and any smaller sizes of detox drink including Xxtra Clean which is a smaller version of Mega clean.

The reason I’m telling you to avoid smaller versions is that they are designed for light toxin exposure or smaller bodies. But to be safe you should always go for the full 32 to fluid ounce size of the detox drinks I’m going to recommend.

Home Remedy” Homemade Detox Drinks Do Not Work

Another thing to avoid is home remedy detox drinks. People will tell you that cranberry juice, lemon juice, vinegar, baking soda powder in water, various types of tea, all sorts of crazy stuff, can help to remove drug toxins from your body.

Almost universally these methods work on the theory that you are simply flushing the toxins out with the volume of liquid. Often backed up by theories around acidity and the liquid being diuretic.

The bottom line is that none of these have the complexity in construction to flush out the toxins and maintain the balance in your urine so that it appears natural.

Top 4 Detox Drinks For THC

detox drinks for THC

Okay, I now want to talk to you about the top four detox drinks out there.

Although I have put them in a numerical order here, numbers one through three all do pretty much the same thing, although I’ll explain the subtle differences between them in the detox drink reviews below.

Do detox drinks work? Undoubtedly they do, and I’ve tried all four of these with home drug test kits and they have mask toxins for several hours. However, you have to do the detox before the day of your test, otherwise, you’re playing Russian roulette.

I did actually pass a live drug test as well using Mega Clean three years ago. It’s not the most potent detox drink out there, but it’s the only one I had, but I did do a 48 hour detox with it and I’ll explain how to make it more potent in the review.

#1 Ultra Eliminex

Top of any detox drink list nowadays has to be Ultra Eliminex.

It’s actually made by herbal clean, the same people who make QCarbo, which has a very poor track record nowadays. But it has a completely different formula and a different proprietary blend that pushes toxins out of the body.

I actually tested this without a detox at all prior to doing the test. I’m a heavy regular smoker, and I passed a drug test at home two hours after drinking it.

You don’t need any additional liquid, you just drink the contents of the bottle over about 15 minutes, then urinate several times over the next hour and you should have up to 5 hours clean.

So for me, it’s one of the best detox drinks for THC, and in fact for any type of drug toxins. But it is expensive, costing up to $80.

#2 Mega Clean

Second, on the list of best detox drinks for THC and other drugs is Mega Clean. It’s actually available both online and at big stores like Walmart. That’s why it’s well known.

However, it’s not actually the strongest detox around at all. On its own, it’s not much better than QCarbo32.

I certainly would not recommend Mega Clean if you only buy it on its own. However, I’m going to tell you about a combo deal that changes all that.

If you buy Mega Clean from Test Clear, you get it bundled up with six powerful Toxin Rid pills. So you can do a 48-hour detox, and in the last 24 hours use the Toxin Rid pills to push out even more toxins. That alongside Mega Clean is a potent mix.

Instructions for Mega Clean are pretty straightforward, you drink the contents of the bottle, refill it, and drink the water. You then urinate frequently over the next hour and you should have up to 5 hours clean.

The combo deal costs around $70. On its own, it’s not the greatest, but buying that combo deal puts it in a class of its own.

#3 Rescue Cleanse

Third, on my list of the best detox drinks to use it for a drug test is Rescue Cleanse.

This is been around for quite a few years but it’s still a great formula. It’s made by Clear Choice, the company that makes Sub Solution which is my “go-to” brand of fake urine.

There’s no need for additional water with Rescue Cleanse, you just drink the contents of the bottle over about 15 minutes and then urinate as frequently As you can in the hour after that. You should then have up to 5 hours clean.

For me, I got three hours clean with Rescue Cleanse doing a home drug test kit. But that pity damn good as a daily weed smoker.

Rescue Cleanse is well priced at $55, and if you buy direct from Test Clear you can also get your hands on a box of Sub Solution which gives you an alternative strategy for passing a drug test.

#4 QCarbo32

Last on my list of the best detox drinks to use for THC or other types of drug metabolites is Qcarbo32. It’s an old formula detox drink that really well known. The reason for that is that it’s available to buy in Walmart and online at various major retailers.

However, although it’s got a large reputation through the volume of sales, it hasn’t got a good reputation nowadays actually passing a drug test.

It’s just not potent enough or balanced enough to fool the drug labs the whole time, or to flush out all the toxins sometimes if you have heavy toxin exposure.

If you have only lighter levels of toxins in your body, or there’s literally nothing else available, then Qcarbo32 could be okay for you. But if any of the three other choices are available I would always go for those first.

QCarbo32 costs around $50 to buy, which makes it far more effective to invest that level of money in the other three brands I’ve talked about.